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Hi readers, I wanted to share this cute shirt I got from Original Penguin clothing.

Hope you’re all well too! <3

Aren’t summer shirts the best thing ever. Amongst other things, its one of the parts I love about summer. I decided to treat myself for my birthday back in May to a nice new shirt for my holiday. I’m currently in a little credit card debt. (I wont to be honest with my readers.) So I’ve been tackling that firstly, to get it paid off quick as. I’m really proud of myself for managing it well. This means I’ve not been shopping guilt-free for months and months and months. I’m talking, going out for the day and just buying a little treat for yourself or going for a nice lunch. To be honest its been kind of nice to just not buy anything. As it was my birthday, I thought I would indulge for this special day though. 

I came across this blue and white shirt multiple times on my journey to work, back when I was working in Covent Garden. I’d always pass this store called Penguin and one day the window display caught me off-guard and I took a double take. I then continued to walk past it after that, with it on my mind. A couple weeks flew by and I decided to head into the store to try it on. To my surprise it wasn’t in the window, so I panicked. Thankfully it was on the rail just on the right once you were inside the store.


I’ve never been into Penguin before, so had no idea what type of store I’d stepped into. It was a sweet little branch the Covent Garden store and the team were wonderfully helpful and kind. They helped me locate the shirt and the size I needed with ease. My sizing is often odd because of my height, so I tried both the small and medium. I got this in a small as it felt fitted to my body shape. Also how great is this mirror in the changing rooms. The little social account stickers on it fit so nicely in the frame. That’s sneaky Penguin!

I think the shirt cost about £50/£60. But the team gave me a small discount for signing up through their email, which was nice. It was a little while ago, back in May, so can’t exactly remember how much I ended up spending on it.

The shirt itself is blue and white, with vertical stripes, but with a tailored fit to the body. It is a short-sleeved shirt with a lightweight cotton fabric. This type of vertical detailing has often been said to increase the length and sweep of the body through optical illusion. Sadly, I’m already tall, so I just see more of how tall I really am. Regardless though, I love the shirt and it fits so brilliantly over my shoulders and torso. My boyfriend said I looked cute and smart. So, I am feeling good, if not a little guilty from this purchase.

I have worn this a lot since I purchased it. So be sure to keep a look out for it being featured on the blog and social channels below. I’ve already got some posts lined up where it is featured in a shoot, I cant wait to share with you all. Check out Original Penguins website too, if you missed the link above, use this one here.

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