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Don’t be a prick, just be cute. – Colorado Desert.

Hi hi, I hope you’re all doing brilliantly. Today I am sharing a look that was really just my, “I’m heading to Iceland grocery store for some £2 paella”. (For those who aren’t familiar with British grocery stores, or who aren’t from England. I’m talking about this budget supermarket called Iceland, that sells about 80% frozen products. Everything is super cheap, its great for those who are trying to have it all, living in London.)

I firstly would just like to point out, £2 paella is a gift from the heavens. And it keeps me, and my man fed for less than a cup of coffee. So, thanks Iceland, this one’s for you!


Well the outfit is the focus of this post, so let’s get to it. I had no intention of shooting a look. It was actually my boyfriend who wanted to shoot his outfit against this wall and it got me thinking *lightbulb moment*, I need to create fashion content for my own blog. It’s been a while. I did think my outfit was cute, so why not try and pose. I hadn’t worn this top much, because it was something I bought last year in the summer and I’ve always found it at the bottom of the drawer.

I remember seeing it in Uniqlo on the SALES railing. The wording was quite bold against the dark green colour and it reads Colorado Desert. I think I paid £10 or less for the top, which I thought was quite nice for what I was getting. The quality of the fabric is nice, a little thicker than your average cotton t-shirt. It I feel is something probably better for late summer and the beginning of autumn/fall. The front of the long sleeve top has a small logo with cacti to match along the detailing on the back. I put together a simple look, something casual and something personal. We were literally going to buy groceries and I didn’t feel like dressing up too much. I will also add I’m in desperate need of a haircut.

–   T h e   O u t f i t   –

T-Shirt – Uniqlo

Black Dad Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Trainers – Nike


Uniqlo is great for pieces to fit into your wardrobe. I adore the aesthetics of the shop and each experience I’ve had, shopping there this past year. The stores layout is inviting and warm, whilst being clean and minimal. I’d recommend to anyone who doesn’t want a stressful clothes shop, to head to a Uniqlo store and have a look around. You’ll find some great unique pieces and a huge selection of clothing you can fit into your own personal style.

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[Photography] – Jakub – Unwrapped Blog

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