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Does anyone else feel a spiritual connection with crystals and gemstones? Well, things on the planet in general really. The ocean, the moon, the sun, the wind?

I’ve always enjoyed nature being a child of the countryside and I’ve been feeling all sorts of different energies since I moved back to London again. Don’t get me wrong, I love London. It has exciting energy and a hum if you listen closely. Maybe it’s the London lifestyle that gives off that negative feeling, which riddles you with unwanted and unnecessary stress and anxiety. I felt so calm when I was on holiday in Cornwall back in May and being near the ocean helped so much. I was on a mission to find myself a gemstone and healing crystal store whilst I was there and thankfully was in luck. On our last day before catching our morning train, Jacob and myself found this healing store and bought ourselves some crystals.

Which brings me to this post really. I’ve always felt safeguarded whenever I was around crystal and gemstones. Whether you believe me or not is up to you, but for me it brings comfort and an ease of breath. I believe that because I’m so in touch with nature and the earth around me, I can see clearer. See the energies radiating from crystals and the planet. It is hard to explain, so I’ll try and give an example.

(Whenever I’ve been away on holiday and felt discomfort or anxious with no clear reason to why.)

– Standing with my feet in shallow water and my toes buried in the sand. I feel the movement of the ocean beneath me, the body of the wind around me, the scent of the sea against me and the glittering warmth from the sun on my skin. I just stand there with eyes open, watching, or closed and allow the space around where I am to wash over me a hundred times. And I feel clarified and calmer. I understand the world in that moment and appreciate where I am in that second. I respect the space around me and show my own energy to it. I feel cleansed and recharged and any negative energy that had been shadowing me has drowned and dispersed. I feel “lifted”.

This is the sort of the connection to the world I feel I have as a human. I wasn’t sure about writing about this on my blog, as I’ve spoken about it to people beforehand/friends and have received laughter and ridicule. But I’ve been lucky enough to meet people who have the same connections as me, the same energy and same respect for life as me. I just wanted to share it on here, in the hopes there are other people who own crystals and appreciate crystal healing. <3

I’d love to know what crystals/gemstones bring you lovely readers comfort and ones you’d recommend. Anything for good healing in general, sleeping better, battling anxiety, calmer breathing and so on. Drop a comment below or on my social accounts.

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– Tommy

8 thoughts on “Lifestyle – Energy & Crystal Healing

  1. Thanks for posting! Rose quartz always seems to comfort me. I recently received a beautiful Rose Window quartz and it’s very calming to gaze into. I’m also really drawn to Sunstone especially if I’m feeling confused about a situation or stressed out.

  2. I love my crystal collection – labradorite is probably my all time favourite if I had to pick one, followed by roze quartz and moonstone… I use them for energising, cleansing and charging all sorts of items in my day-to-day life – my tarot cards especially! I just did a New Moon ritual for Manifesting desires, using crystals and tarot. Check it out on my latest blog-post if you are interested! Xx

  3. I love this post and really resonate with how you feel energy of the earth and crystals. I’m the same way! Lately my favorite stones are black obsidian and green aventurine. I love using crystals during meditation and rituals.

    1. Ahh yes that feeling of tranquility and comfort is amazing right! I’ve been leaning on my clear quartz a lot recently with any stresses from work. Helps to ground me and remember it’s on a temporary feeling this negativity.

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