Rainy Mornings & Box Biscuits

Good morning darlings <3 Hope you enjoyed my last post. Its pouring with rain here and I’m thinking I wish I had some biscuits to enjoy with my hot tea.

I’m visiting my parents back home in the countryside with my other half for the first time in ages. It’s nice to be back here to relax a little (not that I’m doing a lot of that!). I’m hoping to really make some more time for myself as I’m constantly in a state of busyness and people have expressed to me how important it is to rest. I really know that it is, so I’m hoping writing about it and physically jotting it down here, will encourage me to properly make some time for myself. I don’t want to burn myself out.

Anyway, writing content for my blog and posting about it. Sharing it with you lovely readers, makes me feel good. Connecting with other people who are passionate about the same things is brilliant. And on that note, and the note about biscuits above (which I’m still without). I wanted to share these cute boxes of biscuits I found in Sainsburys and my parents local produce, market store.


I thought they were super cute, so I picked myself up a box and turns out they are rather delicious too. Buttery biscuits in animal shapes is every 27-year-old first choice for a snack. Right?! It reminds me the Rugrats, and animal crackers. That was such a good show!

You can find these types of biscuits in international market-style grocery stores, or large supermarkets with world aisles. I think I paid about £1+ for them, so it wasn’t too draining on the bank. Made my cup of tea in the morning a little more fun and interesting. And makes a change from the usual rich tea biscuit choice us Brits go for. Its a shame I don’t have any to snack on now. They are the perfect option for a rainy morning at home.

What do you dunk in your tea?



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