Reviewing: Oliver Bonas – Summer Lip Balms

Hey blog readers, I hope you’re all doing well and have been enjoying your week so far!

I’ve got a product I wanted to share on the blog today, which I’ve been using to boost hydration levels on my lips. Its super important to keep your lips protected against elemental damages, so check out what I’ve been applying to mine.

–   O l i v e r   B o n a s   –


I came across Oliver Bonas awhile back when my lovely other half Jakub, booked a surprise visit to Glasgow Scotland for my birthday. We walked down Byres Road towards the Botanical Gardens and stumbled across this little boutique that caught my attention.

Oliver Bonas, a homeware, womenswear, jewellery, accessory and lifestyle brand, supplies cute and beautiful gifts and items. Their line has these wonderful qualities to it throughout their whole range. I’d highly recommend if you’re after for something for yourself or as a gift.

We spent a good 40mins here and I bought myself a few items to treat myself since it was my birthday. I love little stores like this, because everything is usually so nice, and you just feel the need to go around the whole store. That is what I did, and I ended up purchasing a few items to treat myself too (because it was my birthday!).

So, I’m featuring the ‘Oliver Bonas – Pomegranate Lip Balm’ on today’s post.


(This photo is credited to Oliver Bonas, from their product page on the website.)

I think this is so freaking cute in terms on design. I love the little floral printed packaging and that is initially what caught my attention. It is also a product that is made in the UK, which is nice as a British company supporting

The pomegranate flavour smells delicious and the balm itself is nourishing to the skin. It helps protect your skin from aggressors such as wind, which often chaps the skin on your lips. It is also the area most forgotten to apply any protection to on the face. So, it’s wise to ensure you’ve got a balm of some kind to rescue any dryness from the skin.

At the time I paid £7.50 for the balm but if you’re lucky you can purchase this on sale for £4. Regardless of the price, for those interested just follow the link here. Oliver Bonas has a multitude of balms with different flavours. From, Coconut, Mango, Shea Butter, Rose, Praline & Cream, Pink Fizz, Moringa, Gin & Tonic, Rose & Peach, Grapefruit & Orange, Coconut Oil & Green Tea, Soy Bean & Cucumber and of course the Pomegranate version which I have. The list goes on with a wide variety to choose from.


For anyone (my boyfriend in particular) who knows me well, I love ‘collecting’ (probably sounds like a strong term in my opinion) lip balms. I love trying out different varieties and finding one that gives me the nourishment I require for my lips. I do not like anything too heavy and glossy, something that is a little matte, but provides you with enough protection to keep your skin feeling and looking brilliant. I took mine to Cornwall after my trip to Glasgow and have been using it all summer long <3

Oliver Bonas supplies a beautiful selection of items. So, I have a couple more to share on the blog in the future and I’ll be shopping with them again soon, to see what’s new for some additional content. <3 I hope everyone has enjoyed this small post and feel free to leave a comment if you’re a regular shopper at Oliver Bonas.

If you missed the link above, shop their lip balm collection here.

See you soon babes



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