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Join me on the blog today for a new review on a premium nautical-inspired skincare range for men. We are currently being blessed with a heatwave, which is just so fun. So fun. Nothing like sweating heavily onto your laptop to get your next post out.

So, a while back Maleskin sent me over a parcel with some pieces to try for summer. I decided to wait to use these until I was down in Cornwall, only to give these products a better review. The brands products and line have been engineered to help protect against environmental elements, such as sun, water and wind. I thought to myself Cornwall has a firm handful of those elements, so a perfect option to try out this protecting skincare line.

–   H e n r i  L l o y d   –


Henri Lloyd’s collection is inspired by the busy men of the world and the degrading elements that cause our skin harm. It is a brand that set high standards and uses rich formulas to protect and nourish your skin at the same time. As I’ve mentioned above Maleskin sent me a parcel containing three of their line. You can shop the Henri Lloyd line directly at Maleskin through the link here. I will also add the link at the bottom of this review too.

Now in my parcel I received the:

Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Sun Defence Cream (SPF30) – 75ml

Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Moisturiser (SPF15) – 75ml

Henri Lloyd Male Hand Cream (SPF6) – 75ml


Now each piece contains a defensive skin factor rating. For anyone reading who isn’t familiar with what exactly SPF stands for, it basically translates into: Sun Protection Factor. There are hundreds of SPF moisturisers and lotions out there on the market. You’ll see SPF15, SPF30, SPF50 and these indicate the rating from low to high protection. For example – (SPF15) = 15x longer for your skin to burn then that of no SPF protection on venerable skin. SPF products are essential from blocking harmful infrared UVA and UBV rays. Sunlight contains UV (ultraviolet) radiation and comes in the form of long waves (UVA) and shorter waves (UVB). These rays are harmful to your skin. So, protection for it is necessary, to prevent damages. Sun damage causes accelerated discoloration and pigmentation to your skin, photoaging, fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases the chances severely of leading to melanoma, skin cancer. SPF factor products can prevent premature aging and reduce the risk of cancer inducing rays damaging your skin cells. It’s important to look after yourself with a product that using a sun protecting factor. That way your bases will always be covered.

So, the three product’s concepts on design, were particularly nice. It gave me everything ocean related, and I can see this sitting comfortably on the bathroom shelves. The brands design is based on greys and blues. An ocean concept because its formula is enriched with marine extracts to benefit your skin. The whole look would sit nicely on the shelf in the bathroom without drawing too much attention to itself. I know a handful of guys are after something minimalistic in design without any fuss, to basically just get the job done. Henri Lloyd’s brand is no exception with its cool and calming palette choices. It’s design features both tube and pump action applicators to give the user control and ease when amidst their grooming routine. Sadly, for me 2 out of the 3 products I have been testing have broken/split. The packaging (maybe just a dodgy batch) split along the seam on the hand cream tube and the pump action piece failed to disperse the contents and then literally snapped off from the tube later when I tried to do an extra photoshoot. (I lost out with one of the products at gaining a photo. the hand cream split down the seam when I received it, so I had to dispose of it. I did however take a large quantity of photos with the remaining products until the pump action applicator snapped also.)


I gave myself a good week to test out this range with the Cornish weather. So that is the handful of sun, rain and wind I mentioned above. I really was interested in using this range in the elements themselves. I still used the products despite they’re attempt at making my application difficult and my results varied with them. Although what makes up the brands formula, is something fascinating. I just did not get on well with this range.

The science behind the formula contains ocean related ingredients. Marine extracts are used to boost the skins performance and work to better protect and nourish your skin. The ocean is full of essential nutrients and minerals. Just think of the plant life that survives the harshness of the water daily. The ocean is an ecosystem on its own and creatures and plantation, survive and thrive there and maintain a balance. These minerals and extracts are used for their botanical properties to help maintain and balance your skin (to help it survive and thrive better). Henri Lloyd has infused the nurturing abilities of the ocean to provide you with natural protection from sea extracts. The collection is quite marvellous in retrospect and I appreciate the brand and how it uses natural derivatives to help your skin, but for me personally the solutions are too much. It applies to the skin rather heavily and you must really massage it into the area to leave it protected and clear. Otherwise you’ll be left looking streaky with white patchiness across you face.


I found the consistency of the formulas to be rather thick and heavy against my skin. The facial SPF lotions, both SPF15 & 30 left me massaging it into my skin for some time, before I was ready to hit the outdoors. I also got my younger brother to apply the Ocean Mineral Moisturiser to give me another result which would help my review and bless him, he looked like Casper the ghost afterwards. It was very heavy on his skin too and the residue that was left was persistent.

I’ve written on my Instagram and blog, I am not a fan of heavy products on my skin. I own a higher factor SPF from another brand, which leaves an almost invisible barrier against the skin and melts into the surface. I found Henri Lloyd’s formula was good and packed full of essential mineral nutrients, but too heavy for me. I just didn’t get on well with the products I’ve been using out and personally prefer formulas with higher SPF protections. I usually go factor 50 to be safe, if not factor 30. This is coming from a family where skin cancer is a potent threat.


Henri Lloyds collection shouldn’t be something to steer away from. Especially coming towards the end of my review as well. Each product was used everyday whilst I was on holiday, to give me a better conclusion. And my final thoughts are this. Henri Lloyd is personally not the SPF range that I would continue to use. It is however a great company and infusing the minerals of the ocean into a skincare line is really lovely. The consistency is too thick against my skin and it left me feeling a little grumpy having to wait for it to sink into the skin. I wouldn’t shy from this brand from my review if you’ve previously been interested. The formula I thought was fairly thick, but it also does feel rich and moisturising to the skin, which is still think is a plus. Even though a bittersweet review, I am a fan of the packaging and brands image and I’ll be interested if they create a line of ‘quicker absorbing’ formulas in the future?

Let me know your thoughts. Are you fussy like me and want a quicker absorbing formula from your SPF ranges? Do you know the brand previously? If not, you can follow the link here to be taken to to purchase the range.

Maleskin – Henri Lloyd Skincare

Thanks for checking out this review today my lovely readers. See you on the next post <3



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