Reviewing: Molton Brown – Bai Ji Eye Gel

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I am sharing my thoughts today on Molton Brown’s – Bai Ji Eye Gel, which comes in a 15ml roller ball stick. I wasn’t actually aware that Molton Brown did a skincare range. I was surprised to see a men’s collection by Molton Brown on the Maleskin website. Which is where I received my product from.

–   M o l t o n   B r o w n   –   A n t i – f a t i g u e   B a i   J i   E y e   G e l   –

Anti-fatigue means to stimulate/wakeup the skin in question and lift it. The reversal to having sleepy, tired eyes, that are dark and discoloured. Eye gels, often have potent vitamins or herbal extracts, to punch some colour and goodness into the skin. This increases blow flow, skin productivity and can provide you with a refreshed appearance.

So I was sent the anti-fatigue eye gel, which I’ve been applying mornings on the bottom half of my eye area and in the sockets, where my skin is the most discoloured. I’ve been making sure not to apply too much around my eyes, as I find my eyes are quite sensitive to if I am over generous with a product.


Eye gels are a great option to use. Because the area around the eyes doesn’t naturally produce any sebum. (Which is the oil secreted from your skin.) Your face is covered with micro-hairs that allow the oil to come to the surface and provide you with a natural barrier, to keep moisture in the skin. Unfortunately, you skin around the eyes fails at producing sebum, because those micro-hairs are non-existent. This is why skincare brands produce products specifically for the eyes. The skin is super thin around you eyes, so only the smallest of product is needed to provide protection. It is necessary to make sure you use products for you eyes, to pro-long the natural aging process and ensure you have brighter, younger, bouncier and more refreshed looking eyes. It can make a huge difference.

I’m currently on a mission to purge the discolouration under my eyes and in the sockets. So I’ve started using eye gels and researching really, just see what is available to me on the market. I was eager to try this Molton Brown Bai-Ji extract gel, to see whether it will help energise and stimulate my eyes. Taking away some of that nasty blue colour that makes my eyes look dull and tired.

Packed inside is the unusual sounding Bai Ji extract, which I found out is an herb. It is very popular in Chinese medicine and natural herbal remedies. The Bai Ji extract is used to calm and cool skin that is hot to touch. It has a purging effect on the skin and body and promotes tissue regeneration. Its used as well for its astringent properties and the ability to stop bleeding, internally and externally. It works wonders for swelling and puffiness and aids in resolving that predicament skin can offer flare up with.

The eye gel comes in a compact roller ball applicator for ease and accessibility. You’re able to take this little gem on flights for travel or work. To you day job or even just out and about if you carry a few items with you at all times. Its size makes it the perfect option to slip into a jacket pocket or bag, giving you confidence if you feel you need to reapply whilst you are away from home. Not only that, but makes it so much easier than an eye gel which comes in the small jam jar format.


Molton Brown put together a great item to help battle fatigue in your skin. By selecting this unusual herb as its focus, it aids greatly at refreshing your appearance. The roller ball applicator also benefits you for an easier, more hygienic application. The ball format works to also stimulate your skin around the eye. This will massage the skin gently helping to stimulate the blood around you eye which is collected and forms that dark discolouration. Now a roller ball is the less abrasive approach, massaging your skin around the eye. It feels nice and cooling to the touch whilst applying the solution. Your skin will become less puffy and calmer.

The solution is also infused with algae which plays an important role in the discolouration of your skin. And this works to resolve that using the raw minerals and nutrients found in the extract. Algae is brilliant for bringing light into pigmented or discoloured skin. The formula works also as a moisturiser to provide moisture loss from the skin around the eye. It nourishes and conditions the skin, drying smooth without any residue. It is lightweight in consistency and leaves your skin protected and smooth to the touch. Your skin is awakened and restored.

The Anti-Fatigue Bai Ji Eye Cream comes in a generous 15ml stick and leaves you with refreshing results. Now I received mine from Maleskin, which is my go to for skincare and beauty products for men. You can follow the link here to be taken to the page itself:

Molton Brown Anti-Fatigued Bai Ji Extract Roller Ball Eye Gel – £24

I’ve had fun using this, and I can see a small difference so far. But overall I think I need to use this more often to see better results. I’ve been intrigued about reading how roller ball stimulation, affects the skin and blood under the area. Its given me a better drive to use this daily instead of when I’ve been feeling dull looking. I can say though, that upon application the stimulating effect is apparent on my skin. I get a little buzz under my eyes and I’m more awake throughout the day after applying this in the morning. And for that I do give it a plus.

I’m going to keep using this and look into some other types of eye creams and find a selection for you guys to have reviews for.

Let me know if you have any recommendations!



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