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I’m here with my review of MMUKman’s Face & Undereye Serum, which I’ve been using for a past couple of months. I like to make sure I really use a product before I write up, to give a great and honest review. I’ve been using this serum for a good couple of months so far. Daily, if not twice a day, usually if I’m pulling long shifts at work.

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Now for any guys reading who are new to skincare and want a little bit of info about what a Serum is, I’ll get a post written up explaining in clear detail the different types of skincare products available to you, things like a serum, a toner, an essence lotion. And what names to look out for when browsing online and in the shops. There is a whole lingo that comes with skincare products, so I’ll make a dedicated page for any guys reading and breakdown it all into clear categories. Just to help if anyone is feeling a little adrift with what I’m writing and reviewing on my blog.


Now back to this (super) serum by MMUKman. I am so excited to share with you how wonderful this product has been for me the past couple of months. I want to start off with how beautiful the whole line of MMUKman’s skincare and cosmetics are. The simplistic approach works nicely for creative types who praise minimalistic aesthetics. But again, works nicely for guys who just want something smart, to sit nicely alongside the rest of their product range in the bathroom. Easy and no fuss.

MMUKman has an unparalleled eye for design that is smart, clear and to the point. Its matte black, clear resin and silver details showcase style and luxury. I personally love the whole design for this pump action, square edged bottle. Different from rounded bottles. This one reminds me of city buildings, solid and dependable. Maybe the direction that the company wanted to say about their range. Maybe I’m just over analysing?

Now this retails at £35.00 normally and for 40ml, you get a decent amount to use morning and evening. MMUKman give you this serum in a pump action bottle with an easy applicator. Just work a small few drops into the affected skin and massage gently until your skin has absorbed it. You’ll have smooth skin without any residue. This is because of the beautiful non-greasy, oil-free formula. It contains powerful Peptides, Glycerin, Cucumber and Aloe Vera Gel extracts to create this lightweight and healing solution.

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(A little bit of information about what a serum is.)

A serum is a highly concentrated solution, packed with super potent botanical extracts. Usually the costliest product in any skincare lines but worth every penny. Serums contain active ingredients and compounds smaller than human skin cells, which allow for very quick and fast absorbing attributes. They are able navigate through the skin and transport the active ingredients to a deeper level of the epidermis. Serums are often the costliest product of skincare lines, because of the type of ingredients and active used to create their potent bio-formulas. Because of the richness, you only require a few drops to benefit your skin, which is why most come with a pipet/pump dispenser. You’ll also find special technologies in serums too, peptides, glycerin, various acids. These compounds work with your skin cells to accelerate things like, renewal, regenerative, more penetrative properties. Serums provide you with super-efficient results and its worth investing in a beautiful and smart serum to really give your skincare regime a major boost.


I have really been getting myself into serums and before writing about skincare, thought it was a huge waste of time and money. But I educated myself through my writing and working in a store also, that provides skincare options to customers, taught me the value of why serums are available.

Since using this serum by MMUKman, I’ve noticed a few things from the past 2 months of use. The effect is has had on my eye area mainly, is the first. It has helped take away and restore a warmer colour around my eyes. My darkened, discoloured skin is looking brighter, the tightness around my eye area has improved. My day job is very stressful as management in a flagship store, so that leaves me sometimes not sleeping too well. Throw in my anxiety and stress about having that, and I’m pretty much carrying my eye bags on my shoulder every day. Ok, so it isn’t that bad…But I look rather grey sometimes in the morning and my eyes look tired. This serum has provided me with bouncier and younger looking skin, which is so great.

I work a small dollop onto my skin after cleansing and using a facial toner. I massage it gently into the face, around the eye area carefully and past my jaw to my throat. I use my skincare products past my face, around my ears, the back of and around my neck, until my collar bones. I do this because it’s not just my face on show to the world. I wish to provide the area of skin on show, both my face and the parts around my face, coverage and protection. If a serum is helping my face, then it should provide some benefits to the skin just around my face no? That is how I’ve always seen it. Maybe I’m just a little bit extra when it comes to my skincare, but I think overall it enhances your complexion and I believe that is noticeable.


So MMUKman have formulated this award-winning serum to be used for all skin types. So, it allows anyone that uses it to benefit from its potent anti-aging properties, that tighten and firm the skin. This is the perfect option for those with dark circles, bags and discolouration under and around the eye. Or as I like to call it, ‘The Commuters Gaze’. Seriously though, being able to provide a review on this has helped skin so much already. I’m so happy to share my thoughts on this Serum. It brings back the youth around the eyes, so a bouncier feeling and looking skin. It appeared tightened and more elastic.

My skin was smooth to the touch after massaging this serum into my skin. It’s botanical active ingredients improved the performance of my choice of daily moisturiser. Even after a long and draining commute and days work in Central London at Covent Garden. I come home (shattered of course) and notice that even though I look tired, my skin after cleansing the grime of London away, is still tight and firm around my eyes. Some discoloration is natural, but it doesn’t feel/appear as grim as it had done before I started using this brilliant serum.

MMUKman mention that visible results can be seen after using it once. But over a period of 2-4 months the results are clear and impressive. I’ve noticed a considerable difference just after a long two months of using it once/twice a day. I have been complimented on how bright and nice my skin looks. I thank a large portion to the type of serum I’ve been using on my skin. I feel my skin afterwards and it feels instantly toned, lifted, firmer and more elastic. It makes me feel so good and I love seeing the results. MMUKman’s serum fights the good fight towards the signs of aging. Bouncier, more youthful, lifted skin to give you something to smile about.


I took my serum with me down to Cornwall for my holiday back at the end of May. I thought it would make the perfect location to get some nice looking shots that are different from my usual setting. I wanted to capture a theme of firmness by using the boats and the water. Did it work out, probably better in my head. But I still got some lovely photos with a Cornish background! <3

Well let me know what you think! I’ve love to know if you’ve any serums worth looking into or if you’ve tried this one by MMUKman. Leave a comment below. F

or those interested in purchasing one, check the link here to open a new window alongside this blog post: MMUKman Firming Face & Under Eye Serum – 40ml

Thank you so much for reading with me today.

Tommy x

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