Pride – How Was Yours?

Hey babes, I hope everyone reading this is doing great. I’m sending out lots of positive energy and love to those joining me today. <3


I wanted to create a quick post because myself and Jacob weren’t able to make London Pride Parade this year. I was visiting my parents and he was working a late shift.

I began writing this post at my parents house in the countryside and thinking about this day last year. Just before I met Jacob actually. Where was I when Pride was on? Did I feel proud of myself? I do this year more than I have done before and its wonderful <3 (I thank Jacob for this.)

My mum has just come out of hospital after getting an infection from her brain surgery. But she is home now and resting again. She is doing well and her health is better thankfully. I brought round some get better soon flowers from me and my guy. Aren’t they cute!


I came to visit my dad and the rest of the family too. And help out anyway I could, whilst giving myself a 24 hour retreat from London. I wasn’t able to see mum whilst she was in hospital, but my lovely Jacob was nice enough to go and visit her for both of us.

I’m currently sitting outside of the house in the back garden writing up this post, surrounded by this growth of lavender and ferns. It is really beautiful and quiet, so I’m feeling relaxed and calm. (It is a great place to find peace and heal yourself for your mental health. It is so important to take time to self heal and clear your head.)


…I’m already missing my guy so, so much and I am looking forward to being in his arms again very soon.

So Jacob and myself are both missing Pride Parade in London this year. I’m home and my guy is on a late shift at work. So I’m surprising him by picking him up from work at 11pm. <3


I’ve never been to a Pride Parade before, only ever seen it second hand through social media. I planned with Jacob to attend, but life has a way of getting in the way. Which is ok though, we’ll attend next year so I can experience it with him and appreciate how amazing the atmosphere is. Come the following year or two years, I would love to attend it whilst geared up with my guy in some rubber. To show our most authentic selves, be proud and just let the experience elevate us both. For now though, I’m slowly getting myself there, to that confident place. I’m so proud to be a kink couple with my Jacob. He helps me so much to be more confident and accepting of the fetish scene and sharing this experience together as a partnership. (His confidence is one of his most beautiful traits.)


We both however celebrated Pride together with the fact we have each other in our lives. Pride doesn’t just mean a party in the street, it means so much more to so many different members of the LGBT+ community. Uniting as one to spread the message of love and acceptance, no matter your sexual preference or how you choose to describe yourself to the world. We are all beautiful individuals and deserve to feel safe to follow the life we are living.


I wanted to just share a little something in association to this beautiful day. Be proud to be yourself, no matter how different you feel. Love has no colour and you shouldn’t need to fit yourself in the lines created by a society that makes you feel bad because of who you are. You never asked to be born into the body you were. You’re only responsible to live it to its fullest. Find yourself a good support system and this will help you so much. Pride is a great way to connect with others. I found it so difficult as I was coming out. I was late, but I’ve finally found myself some great people supporting me. You have to be patient and sometimes you have to be ruthless and say no to any negative energy that finds its way to you. I promise for my readers to tell my coming out story in depth to help anyone who is growing up the way I have done.


I wanted to create my blog to be a safe place for any young gays who have done, or are growing up and living in tiny villages and small towns. People who are feeling alone and isolated because of their postcode. Or they haven’t shown everyone their true self. Or maybe because you’re the first gay to come out in your family (that was me). Or even if you’ve not been accepted by those who you thought were people who loved you. Whatever the reason I wanted to share my own experiences and my life, even to give someone who’s battling what I’ve gone through who has no insight. I never had any help and I wish I’d had someone guide me through some incredible tough times. I survived  So my blog I’d a platform for me to be proud of who I am, but also a platform for anyone who’s reading who can relate to any points at all.


Pride is about so much and I wanted to just write a little something to say thank you to my community for accepting me and to show my proudest self.


Happy Pride everyone!



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