Mini Beauty Haul: Lush Cosmetics, Waitrose, Superdrug

Hey you guys, these Topman Ripped Jeans were one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. They sculpt to my long spider legs in the right places and the quality of them is so good. Granted yes, they have huge tears around the knees, they are supposed to be like that.


I feeling myself in this kimono snapback ensemble. Threw it on with no clear intention, and liked the result. I’m wearing:

Snapback hat from – ASOS
Dweeb t-shirt – My boyfriends closet
Kimono – ASOS
Ripped Jeans – Topman

I remember that I got these in the sale section, along with a pair of tailored grey, wool blended trousers. I’ve worn these a so many times and just adore them, they are versatile and fit with the varied styles I’ve gone for. I cant exactly remember the price, but I think roughly it was £20/£30.

Before I moved into London with Jacob, I did a huge haul of products and items I bought that I thought would be great to use and share on my blog. I set myself up a little office space which was handy when I photographed everything I shopped. I wanted something clean and a little minimal, but with enough space to get organised and shoot some photography. A place to help build my future towards!


So the products were bought from a variety of places. We have some TKMAXX, Superdrug, Lush Cosmetics and Waitrose beauty. So let us start with Waitrose.

–   W a it r o s e B e a u t y –

So browsing through Waitrose the supermarket/grocery store is somewhat relaxing to me. I love being able to just go at my own pace and find what I need. For a supermarket they make it very comfortable to shop there. They have a large cosmetics and beauty aisle that stocks a huge variety of brands. Some of which I’ve already featured on my blog, Neal’s Yard Remedies was one of them. But I wanted to give some of their home branded products a test, so I purchased three items. I chose two selected items from their ‘Garden Range’ and one from their ‘Pure’ range. You can find out the details below:


  • The Waitrose ‘Garden Lip Balm’ is a gentle and glossy lip protector. I purchased it for £2, so wasn’t overly worried whether I might not like it. But was happy to give it a shot. Its similar to a Vaseline in terms of consistency and texture. It helped lock in moisture to my lips, but was too sticky and glossy for me personally. Especially if used when the product was warm. Leaving it in a bag on a hot day or inside a coat pocket seemed to make this quite sticky and not so pleasant. My boyfriend wasn’t too impressed when he would kiss me, if I wore this balm on my lips. Probably a better option to be used at home on a cool day where the temperature of your house is more controlled. My lips work better with more of a thicker and harder balm.
  • Waitrose ‘Garden Hand & Nail Therapy’ is a moisturiser with Bergamot and Jasmine extracts. I purchased this one for £2.50. A suitable option for those who tend to their gardens and are hands-on for the best part of their day. I absolutely love this moisturiser and so does my boyfriend. I use this on my hands, but more so on Jacob’s as his hands are often sore and dry. This cream is quite thick in consistency, but absorbs quickly and allows long lasting protection. It softens the skin and leaves a sweet smell on the hands. I used this on Jacob and he was so surprised with how well he got on with it. It dries with little to no residue, which is a great bonus. Because of its consistency and formula, it has a rather cooling effect whilst it begins to absorb into your skin. Less is more with this moisturiser too. It benefits the hands and the nails by protecting them, making your skin softer and strengthening your nails. I think it is truly amazing for the price I paid and would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry and sore hands. Really works a treat!
  • Waitrose ‘Pure Eye Gel’ was something I picked up for myself to help de-puff and soothe my eyes. The price was £1.60 and it works wonders for cooling the eyes when they are inflamed, especially if you have cried and your eyes puff up and go red. This was soothing and refreshing and helped calm my skin around the eyes. I chose this because I was having an anxiety attack over something and the next morning feeling better, my eyes not so much. This was a good quick option to help some of the swelling caused by salty tears that was upsetting the skin. It wasn’t my absolute favourite, but still a good inexpensive product that was gentle on the skin around the eyes.

So Waitrose home branded products are worth giving a go. You’d be surprised the amount of inexpensive products there are out there, that could rival name branded ones. You can often get similar or better results by experimenting with these lower cost beauty products. If you are after something for on the go, for the car, your bag and aren’t too worried if it gets lost or pinched by someone. I’d recommend something like these above. I often keep my more luxury and indulging products at home, safe. Good for those rough days where some home pampering and being cute with the boyfriend is needed. By not taking my nicer products out and about, I don’t risk losing them!

–   L u s h   C o s m e t i c s   –

Next on the list is the little bottle of perfume from Lush Cosmetics. I was after something a little different so decided to go further a field in terms of scent. Something I wouldn’t normally go for. Here is: All Good Things.


This little bottle was bought in Liverpool Street station with my boyfriend. We decided to look around some of the shops and both went into Lush. I love Lush, it took me a while to get over the empowering scent that clouds the store. But it is a beautiful brand throughout.

I’ve been a huge fan of their Dirty range for years. And often go into the store to stock up on their products. From showergels, bath bombs, scrubs and masks.

So I decided to get a little perfume and like I mentioned above, wanted to go for something super different to my usual options.

I remember giving the bottles a spritz and ‘All Good Thing’s’ was so unusual and interesting. It reminded me of sand, lots and lots of sand. And the moon. A large moon casting blue and violet hues over dunes of sand, with embers licking the night air. It’s body was potent in spices and had sweet undertones. But it has this smokey woody scent that holds the whole scent together. It was kind of sad, but happy at the same time. I’ve read reviews myself and quite a number of have said the scent made them feel nostalgic.

–   T K M a x x   C a n d l e s   –

Next in my haul are the two candles I found at TKMaxx. For those who don’t know, TKMaxx is a huge store that holds past season clothing from different brands. They usually have a fairly decent sized homeware section too, with cushions, cooking utensils, mirrors and house ornaments. They often stock a nice few shelves with candles. Which brings us to these.


Now I took my time when I was here, as I wanted to choose a couple of great candles. I don’t exactly remember the prices as it was some time ago last year I purchased these but they average at £8-£15.

The white jarred candle was a sweet and fruity candle. Great for summer days with uplifting and light notes. Whereas the black candle was more masculine and had deeper and darker notes. Perfect for late summer at nighttime. They both have a potent scent that is rich and long-lasting. This makes for a good purchase!

TKMaxx always is brilliant if you’re after a candle to give the air a little difference. And there is always something new each time you visit a branch.

–   S u p e r d r u g   F a c e m a s k s   –

I wanted lastly to share some great facemasks that I found in Superdrug. A fabulous option for a self-pampering evening with the boyfriend. <3

We both love facemasks and there is a large selection on the Superdrug website. Starting at £1 each, they are an affordable choice if you are on a budget. You have peel, clay and sheet style masks. All doing different things for your skin and wellbeing.

Sometimes after a long day, one of the simplest things to soothe how rough you feel is a self-pampering evening. Have some herbal tea, put a mask on, listen to some cute music and just unwind. It really does you the world of good. You’ll feel more refreshed and should sleep better.



Mini hauls are great aren’t they, good quick ideas for gifts or just for treating yourself. I’m looking forward to doing a facemask tonight after todays shift with my guy <3

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Lots of love to you guys reading! Thanks so much for all the support you continue to give to me and my blog babes!



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