I Wear Jocks & Socks

Morning babes, I hope everyone is doing well!

It’s a bit of a grey day today, so I’m feeling a fun post to brighten the day. I wanted to share a couple of items I was given by my boyfriend. He always surprises me with the best gifts, just seems to know what I would adore and he knows how to look after his boy for sure. <3


So Jacob wanted to get me something that I would remember over the last holidays. I was just happy to spend my first Christmas with my boyfriend. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for myself for as long as I remember.

He tells me that I am cheeky and cute a lot of the time… so hello new jockstrap by Nasty Pig. I do love my jocks though, super comfy and my guys favourite on me. Nasty Pig, is big in the gay community and one of the top brands for the fetish scene. They make great gear.


I am loving this cute little white jock, it also comes in red and black too. Definitely made me smile when I opened the wrapping paper to find this. So a huge thank you to my guy for decking out his boy in cute gear. Super proud to be a kink couple with you!

I have a few places I shop to get my underwear from though, Aussiebum/Bang & Strike are two of my top places. Cannot go wrong with them! Nothing beats the combination of a jock and a pair of socks in the house mind you.

We also have some macaroons from Paul’s Bakery. Something I treated Jacob and myself too, my absolute favourite sweeties. One day we’ll head over to Paris and live my Blair Waldorf fantasy and buy fresh ones and be cute tourists.


He also spoilt me with something really luxurious. Him and his mama both decided to treat me to a perfume and candle duo, from Joe Malone. This is a brand that was new to me before I met Jacob. He showed me what Jo Malone was and I’ve fallen for everything about it.




Joe Malone is a premium perfume brand, that creates some brilliant and gorgeous scents. The Pomegranate Noir was the sent they chose for me for my gift. The scent actually reminds me of when I first met Jacob and I have already associated it with him. Every time I would spritz myself with it, I would get this warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my tummy. I would see my guy’s incredible smile and laugh and just feel so content and thankful for him being in my life. It was a beautiful gift from two beautiful people in my life.


Well this post cheered up a rather grey day! Was good to upload this and start posting some of my archived blog material. I hope everyone else is having a great day, no matter what you are doing. I’m just chilling today with Jacob off from work and we are both writing and watching Pretty Little Liars.

Even though its a grey and kind of cool temperature today, it is nice to feel cosy. I’ve been listening to Spice Girls today and soundtracks from video games I used to play years back. Feeling cosy and nostalgic today!

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Lots of love to you guys reading! Thanks so much for all the support you continue to give to me and my blog.




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