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Hey babes, I have some of my favourite Neal’s Yard Remedies products on today’s post. I wanted to show some of the pieces I’ve been using and just share with you all who are interested in the brand.

–   N e a l ‘ s   Y a r d   R e m e d i e s   –



Neal’s Yard for me, was already in my life when I was a little boy. My mum used to line the bathroom with all these beautiful glass bottles. A lot of which, were these royal blue coloured ones. They lined the shelves, windowsill and the huge bath centred in our nautical looking bathroom. I was always fascinated by how my mum did interior design and a lot of what I like now, is derived from her taste. But I always thought there was something special about those little blue bottles.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a company that believes that beauty should be natural and not synthetic. Promoting natural remedies, beauty and skincare with 30 years of experience in apothecary and holistic approaches, to create products that don’t damage the environment, are cruelty free, ethical, sustainable, natural and organic and carbon neutral too.


I have been using Neal’s Yard for some time and I can honestly say their products are beautiful and indulging. Each one is unique and leaves you feeling either tranquil and calmed or refreshed and energised. I wanna jump straight into what I currently have in my collection and give you a little bit of info about each one.

–   T h e   P r o d u c t s   –

Geranium & Orange Shower Gel – (200ml & £14.40)


A small dollop creates a rich and long-lasting lather. It is packed full of essential oils and extracts from Orange & Geranium and helps to energise your skin, leaving you refreshed and soothed with its added Calendula extract also. It has quite an uplifting aroma which is visible on the skin after you shower. I’d prefer it to have a sharper citrus scent, but that is just me. I’m a huge fan of orange, grapefruit or blood orange scented products. But saying that I’m still left with the same revived sensation after using this luxury body cleanser.

Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath – (200ml & £15.50)


A great way to indulge into a tranquil state of mind and body. Infused with a blend of Lavender, Lemon, Pine and Juniper oils, this formula is the perfect way to unwind, relax and condition your skin. Its soothing properties ensure a restful wellbeing during and afterwards. A great volume of bubbles and aroma give you a huge satisfaction of relief once you submerged yourself in this rich foaming bath. Your skin is left nourished and soft to the touch. It a fantastic option to soak sore muscles or a stiff body and aid it back to being comfortable. A revitalising and potent blend of extracts help to formulate this great product. Arnica, Comfrey and mineral-rich Seaweed are the soul ingredients used in this solution to help with an achy body and restore and soothe.

Lavender Bath Salts – (350g & £14.50)


Another indulging bath time speciality are the organic and soothing bath salts. Total relaxation and a dream like state of kind leas you and allow you sleep better, knock out any anxiety and help with restoration of your body and mind. The potent lavender infusion gives you time and space to switch off from the stress of the day and begins unwinding you to get to a comfortable place again. A brilliant way to get you ready to rest in bed and ensure a restful and undisturbed sleep. The beautiful blue glass jar holds the salts neatly and allows them to stay dry and fresher. Sealed to stop moisture from finding its way in, you’ll find yourself using these for months due to its generous size. I sometimes mix a half-sized spoonful into a large bath with a small drop of Neal’s Yard Bath Oil.

Purifying Palmarosa Toner – (200ml & £16.00)


I’m all about toners recently, the more I write and learn about them from reading online, or at work, the more I find lining my shelves at home. Neal’s Yard toner is infused with Witch Hazel, a gentle astringent and clarifying Mahonia. It balances out oil production, whilst purifying, cleansing and decongesting the skin. It helps set your skin by protecting it with a light veil like barrier. Priming it to ready for a serum and moisturiser which will become better absorbed into your skin and work more effectively. It is suitable for only, blemish and combination skin and overtime help to minimise pores.

Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask – (50g & £26.50)


This one is used for oily or combination skin. It helps to detox the face and rebalance the skin from naturally occurring and excessive (for some) oils. Cleansing green clay and purifying Palmorosa unblocks and clears pores. Blemishes are minimised, and everyday impurities are removed. Your skin will be decongested and feel refreshed, allowing it to breathe better. Aim to use this weekly as clay-based masks are usually quite strong for the skin on the face and stripping the oils constantly will leave you with a negative effect. You’ll end up drying and flaking the skin which is what you do not want. You can get about 6 masks worth of masks from the jar, which gives you 6 weeks of deep cleansing. Always good to try and work your skincare into a good routine. For example, every Sunday evening can be a designated, deep cleansing mask night and get your skin ready for the week ahead. Your skin will react better if it has time to find itself in a pattern. I really love a good face mask night, me and my boyfriend always enjoy putting on our little bunny headbands and a cute movie, putting masks on one another and living our best life.

Facial Mist – White Tea (45ml & 13.00)


This indulging facial mist is an infusion of essential oils, with Lavender, Melissa and Bergamot. The solution is blended to give you a refreshing and calming facial spritz to be yours throughout the day when needed. Hydrating and gently soothing when used this mist gives you a moment of pure bliss. (Which living in London, is usually taken when you can!!) It is suitable for all skin types, and a great option with its compact travel size, to be used either at work or on the go. It is dermatologically tested and suitable to be used as an alternative toner for those with sensitive skin.

Organic Defence Hand Spray – (50ml & £6.50)


This is a brilliant and fabulous option for those who commute. Like myself everyday for 2 hours, this hand spray comes in so handy whilst I navigate the London Underground. It kills 99.9% of bacterial and fights against germs and viruses. A skin friendly sanitizer than is packed with the good stuff to sterilize and protect your skin. Purifying it with antibacterial White Hazel and pure essence oils, this spray won’t leave your hands feeling itchy and dry. Your hands will feel fresh and subtly fragranced with its uplifting aroma.

White Tea Toning Eye Gel (10ml & £24.00)


This is a super refreshing eye gel that is suitable for everyday use. I use mine in the morning to give me an energetic boost under my eye area. Any dark circles or bagginess will be tackled, and my skin is stimulated to promote a more vibrant a fresher look. It is infused with Witch Hazel and Rose to boost the protection and promote healthier skin under your eyes. Everyone will always catch your eyes firstly, so making sure I look alert and my best helps with my confidence. Especially being someone where confidence doesn’t naturally emerge. White Tea is an anti-oxidant and a powerful herb, that has huge health benefits for the inside of body, as well as the outside.

Tote bag – (£4?)


Everyone loves a tote bag and I’m a sucker for a pretty one I wont lie. I really love this version and I was told in the store it was a limited edition one. At the time I didn’t think it was and being the clumsy fool I am, misplaced it. It retails roughly at about £4/£5.

I’ve replaced it with their current tote bag, which features a blue colour with beige canvas coloured detailing. Still lovely, but not as nice as my previous one! I do however use it every day when I head of to work, as it’s super handy and easy to just drop things into. It holds my notebook, laptop, phone, candy, bottled water, little perfume, various keys, wallet and chargers amazingly.


Neal’s Yard is such a beautiful little company and it has politely established itself as one of the best for homeopathy, restoration for the mind and body, home-spa like treatments and diversity too. (It is a brand that I always feel safe to shop in, as a gay man.) Each product has the heart of their vision in and I’m confident each time I go in, I will pick myself something truly lovely to indulge and care for my skin.

My absolute favourite are the Lavender Bath Salts. It was my mum who had these years ago and not only do they give me a sense of nostalgia, but as someone who is anxious and a stressor, it really calms me down when I’m feeling overburdened. I feel relaxed, my worries melt away, more body becomes restful and loses achiness. It’s perfect.

I’m wanting to try out their Frankincense Intense Lift Serum. Looks incredible <3


Do any of my readers shop at Neal’s Yard? Have you tried any of their range!? Let me know in the comments or head over to my Twitter Page and lets chat!

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Check out Neal’s Yard Remedies website for more products and additional information from the brand. – [ NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES ]

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