Reviewing: Anthony Logistics

My final review is here from my haul and I saved the best till last.

I was really excited to review this brand as I’ve heard so many great reviews and positive recommendations.

I’ll jump straight in and mention with this review I have 3 products so far in this range. So I’m collectively reviewing as a whole, instead of just one item like my previous posts. I have so far in my collection the:

  • Glycolic Facial Cleanser
  • Oil Free Facial Lotion
  • Conditioning Beard Wash

I’ve spent a good few weeks really trying out these products. I wanted to give myself, like my other reviews a really good honest opinion. So I’ll jumped straight into what Anthony Logistics is all about!


– A n t h o n y L o g i s t i c s –

Founded in 2000 by a man called Anthony Sosnick. A customer just like you guys reading this who saw a huge lack of good men’s grooming products in the market. He was frustrated chasing after products that didn’t exist and decided to do something about it. His vision was to create a top of the range, premium products. Only using the best naturally sourced ingredients to create a new wave in the grooming industry. He created a multi-functional and beneficial brand, using technology and engineering to give him a line that is respected and praised by it’s consumers all over the globe. It was developed by men and is borrowed by women. So fantastically a brand for anyone!

The Glycolic Facial Cleanser is my favourite (most up to date) facial wash I use. Always enjoyed during the AM/PM, whenever I shower and wash my face. The solution comes in a neat little bottle for £26.

IMG_20170915_091320_843 (V2)

Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Inside is where the magic is contained though. In terms of facial cleansers I have always avoided it, thinking of it as an extra cost I didn’t need to make. In fact if I am being honest with you all, I’ve ignored the majority of products available to both men and women. There are some really fantastic products that really can give you visible improvements to your skin. You just have to be patient and take the time to explore.


Anthony’s glycolic facial cleanser contains glycolic acid, which is a miracle working active compound. Used in a vast amount of skincare and beauty products across the board and being the smallest in the group of constructed molecules. It is known for its properties of penetrating the skin deeply and easily too. Which in turn help fabulously with blackheads, impurities on the skin, fine lines, aging and so on.

What is glycolic acid?

This product once lathered on the face will begin to breakdown dirt and impurities (pollution, if you are like me and commuting) and breakthrough the skin to lift out the nasty stuff. It will tackle oiliness on and under the surface of the face and also work to brighten dull skin too. It gives your skin a boost whilst leaving a protective layer on top to help maintain your skins properties.

Wet your hands, dampen your face and squeeze a small amount into the palms. Rub your hands together and lather it into your face using circular motions. This will help to stimulate blood with enough pressure applied. You want to gently exfoliate the skin with this cleanser on to get into your pores and not irritate the skin by being to forceful. Remember the glycolic acid compound is teeny, so you don’t need to open huge chasms in your face to get it under your skin. With the right amount of pressure you’ll get it into your face with ease without upsetting and irritating the skin. But too much exfoliating and aggression to the face causes skin to tear and you’ll have unnecessary marks, which would allow bacteria to move in and cause further/future blemishes.


Now since using this product I have definitely noticed a change to my skins sebum levels on my face. Sebum meaning excess oils that naturally occur, but high levels of it are usually unwanted by people. You can keep it managed by using products like the glycolic acid facial cleanser to help get to the root of the problem and maintain the breakdown of oils under your skin.

Anthony’s engineered formula in their cleanser does the trick. It has noticeably kept my face more oil free using it as a daily face cleanser. I do always make sure that I use a facial moisturiser too to keep that hydrating barrier present. It is so important after having a shower and using a product like the cleanser or exfoliator to strip the face of its impurities, to use a moisturiser. You are then susceptible to add them all back if you choose to avoid layering your face with a barrier of your choice. So you wasted time and money in the end and your face will remain with no change, and isn’t this the reason you’re reading with me today?

The product has this wonderful scent to it and is also a item with lengthiness. I have two currently. One with me at my boyfriend’s flat and another at my parents countryside home. So even on visits I am able to continue to use it to keep my levels of sebum oil at bay.


The ingredients listed do a number of properties for the face too and it’s important to know what you are using as you out it into your face and body.

Overall I really am pleased with this product as it has shown me an incredible difference to my skin. My oil levels are on check and there is a glow too to my face, as it has brightened my dull skin. More so as I’m now living in the city where I’m coated in a layer of chemicals, pollutants and commuters coughing. (That’s nasty!)

The last point of interest for you readers is the lengthiness and costings of this product. I know it seems daunting, but for £26, the value is just outstanding. This being that I am still using this product weeks after receiving it. It has lasted for such a long time already and I’ve got half a bottle left to go until I need to get another one. I think this is down to the formula inside the bottle, that because of how the science behind it was engineered,  has created a product that requires very little application and usage and still gives visible and outstanding results. This brings in this cost effect factor. I’ve used cheaper products which have turned out to be more expensive after a longer period of time, compared to a well priced product like the Anthony range. Yes it is a little on the more expensive side, but I’ve managed to stretch £26 worth of product over a great number of weeks/months. I’ve also used it if not daily, 90% of the week each week. So I’m super thrilled about this product and what it has done for my skin and my bank balance.

My second item up for review is the Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash. Now this one was another plus item review too. One I’ve not used as much or as long as the Glycolic Cleanser above, but given it a little run and am quite proud of the results. For £26, you are giving a generous amount to last you.


Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash

When it comes to beards, I’ve tried to always make mine look neat. Or at least I thought so… It wasn’t until I met my boyfriend that I started shaping my beard and making it look sharp and groomed to a high standard. Jacob would trim his so nicely and have straight edges and sharp cheek lines which really gave him the wow factor. (He’s freaking gorgeous!) He showed me how to groom my face neater and I thought to myself how nice it was. This style of attention deserves some added TLC from a product to keep it feeling nice as well as looking good!


Anthony’s Conditioning Beard Wash have given me a softer beard upon my first application in the shower. I leathered my prewashed face with the beard conditioner and let it sit on for about 5 minutes. I gently massaged it into my beard and working each part of the jaw and down the neck until I had a good coverage. After rinsing it off and patting dry with my towel. I was left with this protective layer over my entire facial hair. Which once set against my hair and skin, felt incredible.

I first noticed how soft my beard was to touch. Something I will do daily without realising. Although my hair is considerable shorter against my face to those men who have bigger beards, the end result is the same. The hair grown against your jawline, cheek and neck is more coarse and often needs that extra attention when grooming. Tangling becomes apparent too the longer it gets, so this product ensures a generously rich and thick lather, which leaves that silky and hydrated feeling. The bilberry fruit extract gently exfoliates whilst the coconut oil nourishes your hair.

Now overall, this product was pretty darn fun. I didn’t expect results straight way after one application, but was proven wrong. So I continue to use this every 2/3 days now and let it set into my beard whilst I shower. Applying gentle pressure too, exfoliate the pores so it reaches the follicles and sets into the hair. Adding a beard moisturiser on top will ensure I have longer lasting results but predominantly the beard is soft once dry. This is something I appreciate if I’ve wearing a scarf around my neck, or if my boyfriend asks for kisses.

Now my third product has given me mixed feelings. I have been using this for sometime now and only recently began to have a problem with it. Anthony’s Oil Free Facial Lotion hydrates and moisturises the face. So something amazing to use after the two items featured above to leave your face feeling protected against the elements.


The product is packed with nutrients, aloe and chamomile which are fabulous for gentle and delicate skin types. The lotion is quick absorbing and contains glycerine which like above will find its way underneath your skin and help it from the inside out. It also leaves you with a non greasy matte finish. The bottle isn’t lasting as long as the cleanser we spoke about previously but still a decent price at £29.


Anthony Logistics Oil Free Facial Lotion

I originally started using this months ago when the days were becoming shorter and winter was fast approaching. The drop in the temperature indicated me to use a lotion to keep my facial moisture levels balanced and guarded from environmental damages. Sharp bitter winds are notoriously known for leaching the moisture out of your face. Your skin becomes irritated, dry and red, which leads to itching and tearing in some cases.

I began using it for those cold, dark morning commutes when it is just bitter outside. The kind of weather you’d rather just close the door on. Sadly I have to commute to pay my way for a better tomorrow. (One day I will be able to open the door on a morning like that and just close it, whilst staying in the warm! Think to myself, hey that’s not me anymore, I made it!)


Anyways, those mornings were made a little easier, especially on my face. The wind wasn’t as piercing with the protection of the lotion on my skin. It almost softened the blow. My morning commutes became a little nicer with the added protection on my skin. For sometime everything was great and I was really happy with the range. But only until recently though which puzzles me. The last 3 times I’ve used the lotion, it seems to have reacted with my skin, leaving me with a slight burning sensation and patchy areas across my face.

Now I’m not angry at the Anthony range, just confused why my skin has decided it doesn’t like the product. Because the lotion was a decent quality and specifically designed to be gentle. It is odd to why my skin reacted the way I did. My first thought was I exfoliated too harshly beforehand and my skin was irritated once the lotion was on top. But I even tried the lotion to my face one morning before washing and the same thing happened. My skin flared up into these red blotchy patches. It was a little disheartening as I had previously been enjoying the product up until then and still have a nice amount left to finish from the bottle.




Not the nicest of photos I’m afraid, but I just wanted to show my readers what happened. A little disheartened my skin reacted as I really love this range. Thankfully it was just the one product that I had this problem with, but I wont let that stop me from exploring that range further. Overall the Anthony range is super impressive and one I will continue to use. The cleanser and beard conditioner have shown me incredible results to the point where people have started to say how nice my skin looks.

A full Anthony range is available over at MaleSkin and definitely worth checking out with their speedy delivery too. Check the link below to have a look!

Anthony Logistics Range at


Let me know your thoughts below guys, hope you enjoyed the review.


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