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Morning everyone, my fourth review is up! Featuring the Jack Black Dry Down Friction Free Powder.

A great alternative to an antiperspirant and those who also dwell in the gym environment too. Soon this will be me. I wanted to do a special feature this review and get two opinions on this product. I thought it would be fun to get the boyfriends review alongside mine too, both from two different individuals.

Jacob’s from a gym users point of view and myself, as an alternative to deodorant to every day antiperspirant.


Starting off with a little bit of background information:

Jack Black was founded in Carrollton, Texas. A family owned business and still true also to this day, as it is still run by its original founders. Jack Black wanted nothing complicated. Nothing Cosmetic. Just superior skincare. And that is what they have achieved. Giving the best ingredients allows for better skincare.

Their ultimate goal and what they wanted to achieve was winning over the customers trust with their products. Especially ones that help you look and feel your absolute best! They are also a company that is against animal testing which is always a brand worth looking into.



So onto the reviewing. I will start with the boyfriends verdict on the friction free dry down powder.

Jacob is a gym goer and is always off to workout at least a few times a week. Obviously that environment you are busy burning energy and that action is sweaty work. Getting the most out of it, he will dress accordingly with compression and lycra material. This sometimes means chaffing can be more apparent in the summer months. Thankfully during these winter months he doesn’t need to worry as much, but it is still great to prepare yourself.

I got him to try the powder with one of his 1 hour intense workouts. And they are intense. I joined him once and I couldn’t even lift the bar itself, let alone it with the actual weights attached. It’s really impressive and shows off his dedication to something that he loves. Alongside that, it gives me the courage and drive to get myself to that level! It’s always hard when lasagne is calling your name. She just loves her pasta. As for now, he tried the product and gave me his opinion.

Jacob mentioned how much dryer he was with the powder on his body. The powder freed his skin from irritation and allowed him to continue his workout without the little discomfort he sometimes has if he gets too hot. He usually wears a spray on antiperspirant, but said he would give this product another few goes to see if he preferred it to his usual choice. Sadly I’m saving to get myself out of my credit card and unable to get myself to the gym. I have planned to get to the gym once I’m back in the financial positives. So I shall be using the friction free powder myself to see how well if works for me personally in that sweaty environment.

I have decided to use the dry down friction free powder as an alternative for my daily deodorant most days and allowing my skin to breathe normally every so often, ensures my skin is able to keep itself in good condition. I’ve tried and I mean tried, many products when it comes to my perspiring. I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but I sweat a lot and I hate it. So I’ve tried, sprays, sticks, and powders. All hoping that one of them will reduce how much my body overheats.

The best type for me personally I think are powder form ones. I currently use one from Lush that is all natural and has been used over the summer months when I’m at my peak sweatiest. (Yeah gross I know!) But it seems to keep smelling fresh and feeling cute. Currently the only sweaty moments in my life are those full of anxiety or packed commutes to work and I was surprised by the results after tackling rush hour many times. Least I know when I’ve got Susan from human resources armpit in my face and mine in hers, I won’t be worrying about body odour. And this is because of the ingredients that are used to create this product.

In terms of reviewing I am leaning 50/50 myself. Only because a couple times I was left with irritation and what looks like a mild rash against my armpit. Now, that could have been the heat of the underground tube system and being squished into a carriage for 40 minutes where my skin is feeling sticky and rubbing against itself and my t-shirt. It might have been the cut of my t-shirt and the seams inside, which when under my right armpit are causing chaffing. I’m not 100% sure whether it was my shirt but I think avoiding the powder if you have a similar reaction as it stimulates it a little bit. Always best to use it on skin that isn’t already irritated or broken. Trying it after my skin cleared was great and the results were just as they said.

Apart from it actually keeping me dry, the most amazing quality is the scent of this product too. Real ingredients are used to create this magic powder.

Here is what is inside:

  • Pure Cornstarch offers exceptional moisture absorption and helps prevent friction for maximum comfort.
  • Organic Green Tea is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • Organic Cucumber regulates moisture and has anti-itching and refreshing properties.
  • Lavender has anti-bacterial and soothing properties.
  • Chamomile helps soothe and calm skin.

(I’ve quoted this from the Jack Black item description page)

As you can see the ingredients used when combined together give a superior result and allow for you to enjoy your workouts with maximum comfort and leave you feeling super fresh. You are protected whilst wearing this product so gently, but at the same time, so efficiently too.

Lower store brand products coat your skin with a layer of chemicals which potentially in some cases, lead to irritation and discomfort with prolonged use. Especially those with sensitive skin. Jacob and myself have sensitive skin and have to be careful what we put onto our bodies.

This is a product we’ve both tried and will continue to monitor as we finish the bottle. Maleskin offers this at £19 which is great for the quantity you get.

Get yours in the link here: JACK BLACK FRICTION FREE POWDER

Coverage is easier to apply than spray on antiperspirant and because of that it is cost effective in the long run. Over the last few months on and off this has been used and enjoyed. Have any of my followers used this brand before? Is it something you’d recommend? Let me know your thoughts.

– Tommy X

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