Reviewing: MMUKman – Anti-Aging Moisturiser

Hi readers my third review is up from my haul! Featuring today an Anti-aging cream by MMUKman.

Anti-aging creams have always been around on the market and before this review, I’d never really thought about using them or even looked into them. I already don’t look my age so why would I want to take any more years off, I’m still getting ID’d at 26!


I know some people start young, or at the first glimpse of lines. So I’m not 100% sure what is the best route to take. Personally I believe using a product aimed at reducing aging lines, it would be best to use it earlier on no? It works the same as other products, gradually your skins cells react to what cream or moisturiser and the longer the use, the longer the benefit?


Anyways, I was recently sent and started using MMUKman’s anti-aging collagen and oatmeal moisturiser and applying it before bed. I was sceptical at first but I love trying out new products and seeing what the hype is all about.

I made sure I clean my face with a cleanser after having a bath or shower and that prepares my skin for the moisturiser to come afterwards. This is my first time using a product like this, so again much like their own make out range which you can read all about here. It is a learning step for me and I’m excited to educate myself as I go!

–   M M U K m a n   –   A n t i – a g i n g   C o l l a g e n   &   O a t m e a l   M o i s t u r i s e r   –


Now first looks show me the MMUKman signature minimal style branding. That branding that gives me what I need from the product. It is straight to the point and at the same time, keeping itself professional and respectful. I like that about MMUKman and how they portray themselves. It is a brand I want to get behind and support.


The product looks very sophisticated, smart and chic too. The same cannot be said for my camera angles! Quite a wonky shot there above, I apologise!! However still, you can see the minimalist details continuing to work throughout the product, inside and out. It has a very easy to open lid and protective cover to it also.

*One thing I will note is how delicate the little lip is on the protective cover to open. (You can just about make it out on the photo below.)

Maybe because I’ve overused mine? But it broke off. So literally my only fault, if I was asked to give one con about this product. Apart from that, I cant stop using it!!! So much that the boyfriend has to wait to kiss me before bed, because I use it every night before we turn in to sleep. (Sorry babes!)



Since I’ve now moved into London with my lovely guy, I can leave this on my shelf and not need to worry about it being flipped around in my suitcase from commutes. So the lid kafuffle isn’t a huge worry!

I really cant get over how wonderful this product looks and how it works too. Never thought I’d hear myself say how much I already adore an anti-aging cream at 26. I shall give a brief on how I apply the product below, with some pictures for those who are interested.

–   T h e   H o w   T o   –

I apply a fairly even layer and let it dry a little bit before I head off to sleep. This allows my skin to absorb it more, rather than my pillow!

In the morning my skin looks to be brighter and feels a little more plump, even only after a couple of weeks of use. I make sure I also drink water too before bed and first thing in the morning. Water is so important regardless of what products you use. You wont get the full benefit of what you’re using, if you’re body doesn’t have the correct volume of water inside.

My face is prone to the occasional breakout but more so, dark areas and blotches. It’s usually around my eyes. I constantly worry and stress over life and everything in it. So my skin takes the toll and unluckily leaves me with little imperfections. This product has been great for reducing those dark areas under and around my eyes. I wouldn’t say it cures it, but reduces it so. You can then apply a thinner layer of MMUKman – Under Eye Blemish Concealer and you’re set for a day with brighter, less fatigued skin around the eyes.

I’ve noticed also the quick absorbing nature of this cream and how lightweight it feels on the skin. My face is left too without a heavy residue! So onto a winner!!


So this is how much of the product I apply to my face. It is rough, because not every time I do it does it look like the cover of Vogue. This above is all natural and how I would do it each night before massaging it into my face. Making sure the top priority is under my eyes and forehead.

Once applied you can get yourself all tucked into bed and let it do its magic. And like I’ve said above, my face in the morning is a more lighter and plump, especially around the eye area.

I’ve only been using this for a good month, most nights and so far I think I’ve got about just over a jar left. Granted I’ve been using it quite well, whilst I’ve been reviewing it, but I reckon if you had a night time beauty regime, you’d be able to stretch it 3 months easy!

My last point to mention today is the price. One I reckon a few readers will have been scrolling through wondering. Now comparing this to leading men’s specialists in anti aging cream, you’re gonna be able to save yourself a great deal. MMUKman specialises itself in creating content just for men, without branding it with fancy labels and advertising it as a lifestyle luxury item. This cream is super affordable and as I’m still using it whilst I’m writing up my review today. Something I will continue to use too for months to come and I will explain that in just a moment.

It comes at: £35 for a 50ml jar and the link can be found here and also at the end of this post.


Now I’ve praised so many great things about it, but the main thing are the ingredients. Since recently, I’ve started working in a beauty and cosmetic shop. Learning about ingredients used, much like those in this product and how it can help and affect your body and skin.

I noticed that this product contains oatmeal, something I was wondering about when I first received it several weeks back. I’ve found out oatmeal, has such positive benefits to the body and also the skin. Before that, I thought it was just a food to consume!

Oatmeal is used to soothe the skin of any irritation or sensitivity caused by something foreign. Oatmeal has been linked to tightening up loose skin and because of its properties too, used to help against acne prone skin. For those annoying breakouts, this food item can be used to exfoliate the skin, draw out impurities and dirt whilst also rejuvenating the skin afterwards by tightening up those pores. Not only that but the added Aloe Vera, Collagen and Vitamin E help calm and restore the skin and leave it feeling silkier and richer. Giving it so much life! This product works fantastically on dry skin and has been working well for me also with my oily skin.


I’ve really fallen in love with this product. The aroma it leaves on the skin, is light and gently fragranced which for most men I know is a good benefit. Me though, I love a good fruity or floral scented item. This however is so lovely and delicate so I would for sure, recommend to any guys out there who are interested in something for your skin, before bedtime.

I would also say, probably the best time to apply it to your skin is night time as your skin naturally rejuvenates itself between 11pm-4am. It’s what I heard our skincare specialist say at work. So the added benefit of a cream will work wonders whilst you drift in and out of dreams.


If you’re interested head to this link below:

MMUKman – Anti-aging Oatmeal & Collagen Moisturizer

Let me know your thoughts below guys? Do you have any questions for me regarding this product. Drop me a comment!



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