Reviewing: Billy Jealousy – Combat Lines Face Moisturizer

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been a little quiet. I’ve got my second review up for you all to read from my parcel from MaleSkin

Second featured is Billy Jealousy and their face moisturizer which I’ve been using in my morning routine.


So Billy Jealousy, who are they?

A brand founded in 2004 by duo, Pat Parsi and Danielle Rouso. Billy Jealousy is aimed towards creating a line that is for everyone. Not just aimed at the male consumer, but something that anyone should feel welcomed to use. Even though on a first glance appearance the brand looks to be aimed at men, it has a strong female fan presence too.

The brands aesthetic drives a fun unisex appeal. They are driven by nature and science and thoroughly all about having fun and feeling sexy. With this in mind they are mindful and still hold themselves to a high standard and keeping their brand overall respectful. Which in turn is something attractive.


It’s a world wide known brand and sold across many places. Singapore, New York and London too are a few to be named. Being a global brand, they also believe in supporting and giving back to charities. With each product sold they donate a portion of its sales to such organisations as, Big Brother’s, Big Sister’s and Green Corps.

Their lines are PETA-approved and each product contains around 5-20 different ingredients, which when combined create specific, chemical reactions. This is where the science part comes in! The company have developed some wonderful products available by extensive research into the ingredients used and what apothecary combinations work best. Because of this science behind the products, they actually help to promote and enhance your skin and body. Texture, toning and cleansing as it works to formulate better health for your skin. This is made possible naturally, by the raw ingredients and the high standards the brand has set itself.


Billy Jealousy holds quite a broad line of products to use. We’re talking about head to toe babes. So that’s a lot to cover! (Oi oi there cheeky!)

We have the:

Face – Cleansers, Scrubs and Moisturisers.
Shave – Pre-shave, Shaving Creams and After Shaves.
Hair – Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling and Treatments.
Body – Deodorants, Washes, Scrubs, Moisturisers, Creams, Tattoo Care and Fragrances.
Beards – Washes, Moisturisers, Oils, Beard/Moustache Wax.

As you can see the brand covers a lot for the body and like I’ve mentioned above, it is not just aimed at the male consumer. Everything for everyone. Feel sexy and cool! That is the Billy Jealousy way of life!

–   B i l l y   J e a l o u s y   –   C o m b a t   L i n e s   F a c e   M o i s t u r i z e r   –


I’ve been using Billy Jealousy for a good few weeks now as a daily moisturiser after my morning shower. Just a gentle coverage before heading off to work, or any errands. I also ride a moped/scooter (I know right, glamorous!) and usually ride with my helmet visor up. This means currently that the cold wind hits my face, with some speed to it too. Before using this face moisturiser, my face would take quite a beating from the wind and would be left looking, a little dry and red. I never really thought using a moisturiser would leave such a huge impact from an application, but hitting those high cold winds gave me a clear answer. My skin although still cold afterwards now holds that moisture and plumpness. My skin feels healthier and more protected throughout the day until my evening shower/bath time, where I switch to my night time care routine.

Another bonus is the SPF factor to help protect your skin from the sun. Combination moisturisers that give this benefit are worth investing into. You save money and it takes up less shelf space! This SPF factor still is wonderful even in these oncoming winter months. The sun is brighter at certain peak times and will still effect your skins health given half the chance. So don’t let it!


The product retails online at for £35.00 and can be purchased through this link: Billy Jealousy – Combat Lines Face Moisturizer

I think the price is fair after my research into the brand and after using it for the last few weeks. The smell is absolutely gorgeous each time I apply it to my face. Being able to take in its light notes whilst I get through the day is nice. It is quickly absorbed into the skin too, which makes it perfect for a go-getter like myself who is always running around. I make it sound like I’ve made it, I actually haven’t, I’m just always rushing around trying to instead. It aims to combat lines on the face too, reducing them and over time buffering them out a little. This goes well for everyone who is into masking their fine lines. My skin always felt more elastic after using it and full of life.

But seriously I was really impressed with how quick my skin absorbed the product and left little, to no residue. That to me is important because I dislike heavy residues some products have left in the past. Even though I’ve only begun using this range, I feel happy in purchasing future products because of how great I got on with this one. If they leave the same positive result as this facial moisturiser than I will confident in my future purchases from MaleSkin.

Anyone else already a fan?



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