Maleskin & MMUKman Haul – Look What I Will be Reviewing

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Few weeks back I reviewed a collection of makeup products specifically designed for the male consumer. These were from the very cool brand, MMUKman. You can read the post here if you’ve not had a chance to see it yet. I would recommend it! <3

Maleskin which I was also later introduced too, also holds the MMUKman brand. I was sent over some other items for me to try and review. So I’m excited to give each one an individual proper analysis later, but for this post, show you guys what I got through the letterbox.

Maleskin is a fantastic website which aims it’s products at men. Much like MMUKman does also. And that is all men in general. Not singling out those into minorities. I’ve noticed that a market for men’s cosmetics and beauty ranges, is becoming something of a storm recently. I’ve seen videos of guys using cosmetics aimed at the female consumer and now companies are seeing their is a market to sell a men’s only range because so many men are using makeup. Because men these days are more open to the idea and should be given freedom, much like women to wear what ever they chose to feel confident in.

It is great to see as a male consumer, the platforms becoming available for men in the beauty industry. Now I haven’t got a clue when it comes to makeup, it is all rather foreign to me. But websites such as the ones my products were sent from, allow me, as a male consumer to feel more confident. That safe space to browse and ask questions without the awkwardness and judgement at a makeup counter. The team on these sites are men, just like yourself reading this and are they are there to help with any kind of question you have.

Knowing that makes it more exciting to browse their online stores and have fun experimenting with these kind of products. If you’ve read my previous post featuring the works of MMUKman, you’ll see how much of a novice I am in regards to makeup in general. I learnt a lot from doing my review and it helped to shape my confidence more.


So onto the products I was sent over. 5 completely different pieces from varies brands on the Maleskin website.

Going around from the top clockwise we have:

Anthony – Glycolic Facial Cleanser
Vitaman –  Styling Hair Gum
Billy Jealousy – Facial Moisturiser
MMUKman – Anti-Aging Cream
Jack Black – Dry Down

Lots of new brands for me to go through and review. I’ve been using some of the pieces for the last week to get a feel, but for now will list properly what I’ve received and the details about each piece. I’ve already noticed that the colour scheme for all these collected, is very basic and calmer. Unlike female beaut products which most of the time grab the attention using a mass of colours with their designs.

–   A n t h o n y   –



Anthony is a range I’ve not yet come across before. I love the masculinity and minimalism in its design. It is very ‘straight to the point’ whilst keeping itself looking like a high end product. There is a large range of products to help allow the skin to look its best.

I’ve been using the glycolic facial cleanser to wash my face before using patting dry and moisturising before bed. This product is £26 and already appears long lasting. I’ve been using it for a good week now and haven’t really made a dent into the volume.

I was expecting quite a masculine scent, but it appears more fruity. Unlike lower brand products which have quite a deep and harsh scent, Anthony keeps it very light and refreshing. This makes it much more enjoyable, especially as you are left with the scent across your face.

So far my skin feels good after using this product. I’m really interested to find out more about this brand as I’ve seen the results from other people I know. They are outstanding and I would love to see myself how much difference it makes on my own skin.

–   V i t a m a n   –



This hair styling pomade is a perfect option for shorter hair. The complexity of it is quite ‘tacky’, so the tiniest amount will give a better result. For me personally, I love a hair styling product that holds the hair, without that residue and stickiness to it. Giving the illusion that my hair normally styles like this.

Now I’ve mentioned that this product would benefit shorter hair to longer. I will do a more in depth product review to show this in another post. A pro’s and con’s style one. Since my teenage years, I’ve been styling my hair. And being my age now 26, that’s a good 10 years. I’ve gained a little bit of experience from trying out different products. Which ones work for my hair and ones that didn’t. You have to be careful with what you use to style your hair, because everyone’s hair is different, much like their skin too. And products work depending on the chemicals balances and oils on and in your skin and hair.

This style of product reminds me what you’d find at a barbers hairdressers. Not my usual go to for hair product as I’m more of an Aveda man myself. But I’m looking forward to posting how to use this product properly. This pomade retails at £22 on Maleskin.

–   B i l l y   J e a l o u s y   –




Billy Jealousy is an established brand. Reaching places across the globe, such as London, New York, Singapore, Los Angles and Auckland. Known for their style of movement. The brand keeps it playful, but polished. It has done well with this philosophy as it’s been awarded and featured in various articles.

It is another brand I’m interested in looking into more. I’ve been using the moistures a little bit and I’m impressed it actually is absorbed into my face. It doesn’t sit on the skin which previous high-street products have done before. No greasy feeling which is nice.

Now you can get this product for £22. The scent is sweet and another bonus is the added SPF 30. Which means you are resistant against UV rays, when you are out and about.

–   M M U K m a n   –






A brand that’s featured previously over on my blog. The link above at the beginning of this post. MMUKman is becoming one of my favourite brands. It’s already hit the ground running with its range of exclusive men’s cosmetics. Before my first post I’d not heard about MMUKman, but after trying out some of their products I was sold. I’m not one to use makeup usually, and also having little to no experience, made my experimenting a little daunting but I was taken away with the results. It was also fun to try out something new and if I can give another male viewer the confidence to try it themselves then that is good!

I’m gonna keep using their range and really go through each item and further my knowledge. Men’s cosmetics are having a huge impact in the beauty industry. More brands now beginning to sell their own lines of men’s only makeup and cosmetics. I mentioned ASOS have also released a line of products. I’m still keeping MMUKman at the top of my list though.

Their anti-aging facial moisturiser is really brilliant. Again they keep their simplicity in terms of packaging and design. It is very stylish and polished.

Being a 26 year old, I’m prone to worrying about why I haven’t got my life together yet. Why am I still serving coffees or doing bar work? Why haven’t I moved to London yet? So multitasking all that and focusing on my blog in any spare time I have, leaves me feeling very tired and my skin to look rather dehydrated and lifeless. I’ve been using this amongst my other moistures above and it has a wonderful consistency against my face. I wake up and my skin already feels much better than the night before. I’m reckoning using this over a longer period of time will leave me with a less tired looking skin. I’ve read that using products like this earlier on can help you year down the line to have fresher looking skin regardless of your age.

I’ll keep on it and get back to the blog in the future to document how I’ve got on.

–   J a c k   B l a c k   –


I’ve not yet had the opportunity to use this properly. I really want to give it a go whilst I attend the gym. I think that will give me the better result I’m looking for and I can give my review knowing I used the product as it is aimed for. I will however also let my boyfriend use this and see what he makes of it. As he attends the gym regularly. (Once I’ve moved however I will be hitting the gym hard!!)

I’ve done a little research and I think this would also benefit from using it instead of a deodorant. Now I’ve written posts before about my skin and I sweat a lot. I hate that I do, but I do and I’ve made peace with that. So sometimes deodorants don’t work for me. I’ve used a dusting powder before from Lush and that had positive affects so I will give this a go as well as using it when I attend the gym in the near distant future.

This product is £19 so a little pricy but given some research, looks to be something great and worthwhile. I’ll give it a go and report back to you.

–   M a k e u p   B r u s h e s   –


Lastly not related to the post, but useful to share. I’ve bought myself some makeup brushes from Amazon to use with my MMUKman cosmetics. This will give me better results for my future posts coming shortly!

As for all these goodies here you can purchase them through both the MMUKman and Maleskin websites. I shall be continuing to use them over the next couple weeks to give myself a better understand and more authentic report. Most of the products here don’t just work over night. It takes a little time for them to give you the most as you are supposed to use them daily.

I just wanted to touch base with my readers to show you what is coming up very soon for my blog. Also give you an idea on what products will be featuring too.

I’ll keep you guys posted on my findings!




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