Flower Power

Hope everyone has been enjoying the posts I’ve been writing recently. I’m feeling proud to be uploading again and slowly getting through this pile, of archived topics to write about and share.

One thing I’ve always loved filling my room with, are flowers. I love flowers in general. Something bright, pretty and full of happiness. They invite this warmth and safety to a space. I want to be able to fill my future home with flowers, inside and out. I also want rooms filled with greenery too, ferns hanging and potted. I would love a space like that. Somewhere to read, or listen to music whilst I stare at the ceiling.



After spending my second week at my boyfriends, I came back home and bought myself some roses for my room. I’d bought my boy flowers and surprised him when I went up. Decided to get myself some for myself to enjoy and I love how they illuminate my bedroom.

Before my weekend spent with my boy, I had purchased these agapanthus. This was whilst I was out visiting Farnham with my mum. So thankfully, still were in bloom when I came back home.

Below just another shot of some previous flowers I had in my room. Clustered together, they were so vibrant.

So pretty <3 I just wanted to share  with you readers some pictures on my blog. Have you a favourite flower? Mine are Hydrangeas.



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