What Happened To My Move To Glasgow

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians and my blog, then you’ll have read, I was planning a move to Glasgow. (I’m actually so behind on this show, it’s not even funny. I don’t even think North West has been born yet and Kylie still had small lips!)

I started to make the decision to move around Christmas last year. There were numerous reasons for the move, to which are documented below:

  • Safety. I live in a conservative area where gay isn’t all that ok. Glasgow was so gay friendly, I felt safe. To walk and hold a guys hand in public, means so much to me. This place allowed me to do that.
  • Freedom to be myself. This was super important!
  • I had met someone too. But this I found out later, was not meant to be. I’m not one to spill names, because that is unfair. It didn’t end badly or even really start properly. Maybe because we were in different places in our life too, or the initial geographical distance? It was unfortunate at the time and what did upset me, was not getting an answer about us. You know, if there was an us, what changed all of a sudden, did I do something to upset him. I thought about it and him for a long time, but I’ve made peace with it since my last visit to Glasgow. I just want him to be happy, he is a good guy and deserves someone great in his life.
  • Prices are so cheap for everything up north, housing, living, travel, etc. She would of had some monnnneeeeyyyy!!
  • New culture and history to take in. So many beautiful places to visit and explore!
  • New people and friends to make. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Would find people interested in fashion and blogging and be able to network and work it into my writing.
  • Long term goal was, my options to get back to London. Work up north for a couple years, get a good job position and do a store transfer.

I visited in the summer to scout the area out. I took pictures of some of the nice parts of my trip, which I will show throughout this post. I think it is important for me to write this and express what happened. Just for clarity and peace of mind really. My blog is, my diary of my life and this chapter was a part of my life. I want to document really, for my future self to look back on and reflect on how my life was, back in my mid twenties.

Me moving to Glasgow, was a huge thing I was doing. Especially for someone who at times, lacks confidence. I think, although I thought I was ready to move, in reality I wasn’t 100% and I wanted to be 110% and I feel like that now with my life at the moment, 110% (that will make my guy smile). I really wanted nothing more, than to be openly gay, have my own space and be able to date and get eventually find myself, a long term relationship. I was getting all that in Glasgow. More than I would have, if I stayed in the countryside with my parents. I wanted to be able to live my life as a gay man and enjoy how fabulous it was, could be. Good experiences and bad! Especially since, so many years have been wasted by hiding and feeling ashamed about who I was.

Now since that time, I finally have all that I was after and unexpectedly too! It literally came out of nowhere and hit me like a freight train. I wouldn’t change anything about what has happened since. The dramatic change of plans, not moving to Glasgow, staying home with my parents. What I have now, is just amazing and I’m so grateful to be living it. I ended up meeting someone truly wonderful just after I came back from visiting Glasgow, he leaves me absolutely speechless and makes my heart melt. I was scheduled to move a week later up to Scotland, when we came into each others lives. So the timing was hilariously last minute and out of the blue. But this story is for another post, one I’m super looking forward to sharing!! My little jellybean <3

Now I got criticised for changing my move so last minute. I’d heard everything from everyone. But at the end of the day, I need to stop listening to what others wanted me to do. Do what makes me feel happy, I mean it’s my life, isn’t it?! I knew instantly my actions since coming back I did not regret and even writing this today, my feelings haven’t changed. It has really been a whirlwind of events, but I’m genuinely happy and have already fallen in love. Like I’ve mentioned, I will be writing that post very soon.

For now though I want to share some of the pictures from my trip, because aside from the worries, I had a lovely time. Met some fabulous people and got to explore the city on my own.

–   D o n u t s   –   B l a c k   L e m o n a d e   –   W e s t   E n d   –

First up the donuts in Glasgow are insane! I was stunned by them. The flavours, the size and price! They were so fancy and unique. I was in LOVE. This was taken as a little café in Finnieston, which was the area I was moving into. Located in the West End, so super friendly for gays and so many accessible places in each direction.


It wasn’t just donuts, but fresh juice shops, little cafés and quirky restaurants. All wonderful and perfect for including on my blog. I would love to have gone through them all, featuring them on my blog. Maybe one day in the future, I can take a trip up there and look at reviewing them. Would be fun!

Below I found black lemonade with activated charcoal. I’d seen this before online and had always wanted to try it. It cost about £6 from this freshly made juice shop. Everything smelt so wonderful. It was truly a strange tasting drink, but refreshing. Everything looks so picturesque up here. It’s too much!



Next my favourite spot, which were the Botanical Gardens. Absolutely breath-taking and the place in Glasgow where my anxiety dispersed when I was visiting. I knew instantly that once I moved and was feeling worried or panicky about anything, I could visit the gardens. Sit inside, surrounded by this greenery and ground myself. I’d be able to gather my thoughts and tell myself, ‘you can get through this Tommy’.

–    G l a s g o w   B o t a n i c a l   G a r d e n s   –









I stayed for hours, sat and took it all in. Breathed the air, really took in the space around me. I love Botanical Gardens, they are so fascinating and pretty to be inside. <3

–   T h e   R i v e r s i d e   –   M y   A p a r t m e n t   –

Here I managed to find, what was going to be my apartment/flat. Not sure on the exact one, but it was this building overlooking the river. It was actually a really perfect location and place. Smack bang in the middle of everything I wanted to be around me.






It was really pleasant and had great views of sunrises and sunsets. A perfect place to go for a run too and close to proximity of a friend of mine. Really great!

I had actually secured and paid for my flat for a month in advance. So I just needed to move. Scouting the area was just for peace of mind and to hand out my CV to find myself a job quick.

The whole area was just so metropolitan and historic. A fusion of both, the future and the past. It made exploring really special and I revisited a museum located in Kelvingrove Park.

–   K e l v i n g r o v e   P a r k   –

The museum was an architects dream. Balancing, vision and construction effortlessly. Inside contained several hours worth of history, art and culture. A great place to spend the day, if the weather was forecasted rain.



It was an interesting place to revisit and I managed to get a picture of these floating heads. Which last time back in January, I didn’t manage to take.

My favourite part of the trip was left for the new friends, I’d met online via Instagram and previously too, from my visit before in January. One in particular was this little cutie. I do feel bad for not being in Glasgow, for the fact I found a really amazing friend.

When I visited the first time, we actually met each other drunk, when I was out on a date with that guy I mentioned earlier. We had stayed in contact and met up again. It was like we’d known each other for years. I knew if I moved, having her the other side of the river would have been amazing for me and my worries. We planned spending the summer together and go for runs along the river etc. Sadly we don’t get to do that now, but maybe the future will bring us back together. She is really a fantastic person and so bloody beautiful too! Zoe, I promise to come visit you this year. I actually really miss you loads. <3


It’s been a strange last 3 months. A lot has changed, some of it unexpected but I’m happy. I know Glasgow is always there for me, for visits and what not. I hope the people I met up there, aren’t too angry at me and are welcoming enough to meet up, if I visit in the future. There are still places I want to visit and explore up in Glasgow and Scotland.

I feel a little ashamed, I told everyone I was moving and then last minute changed my decision. I wrote about my plans for months and telling those closest to me about my move. But I do not regret my decision to stay closer to London. Because this incredible guy that has come into my life unexpectedly, loves me. Every part of me. He simply makes me happy and I’ve so much love for him already.

I have spent years, before plans to move and whatnot, wondering and searching. I just wanted to know, I was able to be loved by someone and find guy I could explore the world with. And I really believe I have done. Maybe we can visit Glasgow together in the future.



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