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Makeup for men has seen a huge increase over the last few years. I’ve noticed more guys, offline and on, wearing products daily. All from being painted to the Gods, to a little touch up here and there, to cover blemishes and everything in between. We’re living in an era where it’s becoming the norm and it is exciting I think! Makeup is so gender fluid and therefore should be enjoyed by everyone!

Personally though, I’ve never really thought about myself and makeup together in the same equation. I have very little experience in the field if I’m honest and it’s something that I’ve never really thought twice about. Even being a gay man and loving being myself, masculine and feminine traits together. My own preference is to look more ‘masculine/rugged’. Not to say I’m discrediting anyone else’s own identify, but for me that is what gives me, my confidence. Those dark features, tall and broad silhouette is something that shouts sex appeal to me.

That being said above, I do use beauty products however. Such as moisturizers and bathroom related items. I LIVE FOR THEM! I’m usually seen Lush or Neal’s Yard Remedies stores! And I’m always interested in what products these established and even independent brands release. It is a huge section I am bringing to my blog. Especially for my male viewers.

I’m all about being open to pruning and cleaning my face and hair and keeping my skin looking good too. It’s important to present yourself respectfully. You’ll always be in a situation where you met new people constantly, especially if you’re living in the city. What better way to add a little bonus to your look and confidence with some makeup.

Screenshot MMUKman

Now last week I set up partnership with the company MMUKman. A leading men’s makeup online store, that is designed for men, by men. It’s really a safe place for both new comers and those experienced, with using products on a daily bases.

Now the website is so user friendly and more so too, are the staff. I was speaking to Alex via my Instagram and getting an idea what sort of products, I would see myself using. A day later (their delivery was super, super quick) I was opening a little parcel with some products to try out for you guys. Now this is entirely a new experience for me. I’ve got no clue, what on earth I’m doing. But it’s a learning experience and with time, I will better this art. I am however super excited about this review though. Lets get to it!!

–   M M U K man   –

MMUKman or Men’s Make-up UK, is an online store made for men, by men. A safe place to shop for male consumers who wish to purchase makeup anonymously. It’s very daunting to most men, taking themselves to a cosmetics counter and browsing like you would going shopping for clothing. After doing some research on their website I came across this sentence.

“In 2010, the very popular online grooming blog ‘Ape To Gentlemen’ announced that 73.6% of men prefer to buy their grooming products online.”

Now it is safe to say I’m in that 73.6%. But hoping after this review I can be on that other side of that percentage. I want to better understand this multibillion industry so I’ve the option if buying online is out of stock, I can happily go into a store to see if they have what I’m after, with no doubt and anxiety.

The great thing about their website is the range of products available. The choice is fabulous and the packaging is subtle too. Lets take a look.


After talking to Alex, I received these three products to try out. As I’ve mentioned it is a learning experience, so be nice!! Once I’ve gotten this review done, I’ve planned to do another review with a video. Getting some help from someone who knows how to use makeup properly, will not only help educate me, but also better show how each product is best used. We’ll run through what products I have to play with though for now

We have three items:
– Liquid concealer (N55 – Cool Neutral)
– Brow Shadow (300 – Golden Goddess)
– Bronzer (2 – Dark Brunette)

My first reaction was to look up more information, regarding what I had arrive last week. Being a complete rookie, I wanted to make sure that what I was wondering about each piece, was accurate. The next thing was admiring the packaging. Now for a male consumer the packaging was discreet and subtle. I love minimalism and these were solid black with little white writing over each piece. Perfect for my style and aesthetic, but exactly what should be designed for men, especially with that high percentage of men above buying their products online. Not everyone is open and comfortable and it will be a long time until that percentage shifts to smaller digits. That being said, companies that cater to men’s makeup, do wonders with discreet packaging. Keeping it simple and straight to the point.

I thought MMUKman’s products were very smart. They kept it minimal and simple and it’s exactly that throughout their range. Even past the packaging, the products themselves carried the same design and impression and I thought that was really great to see.

The day I received the parcel containing these pieces, was just before I headed up to London. The last week was spent with my boyfriend up in the city, so I brought my samples along for the trip. I had perfect amount of time to experiment and try out each piece the couple times he was at work.


Even managed to include the boyfriend into the post too with the photo above. His graduation photo with his mumma, pictured in the mirrors reflection. Wont lie, took a little time to line up that shot! But I love that photo of him <3 He always makes my heart melt so much.

Now I had seen him off to work, placed these onto the table and was ready to review. I was hesitant. It felt like I was learning a new language. I haven’t mentioned yet, but learning Polish for my boyfriend too. (POMOC!) ahaha!!

I wanna have fun with my review today too, keeping it light and relaxed! My blog is a safe place for me, to be myself. I’m just as nervous to review this and I want my readers to see someone relatable. I want to show them that makeup isn’t just for the female or super feminine male audience. Makeup is not gender specific. Anyone can and has the right to use it. Just look at everyone on television!

Where do I start? So I decided with the liquid concealer tube. That’s the one I felt more confident with. Being a painter myself, I should be good at blending as I have delicate hands. (He hopes)

–   L i q u i d    C o n c e a l e r    (N55 – Cool Neutral)    –

For those male readers, concealer is used to ‘camouflage’ blemishes and imperfections. Things like dark areas or bags under your eyes, little marks, moles and slight lines appearing across your face. You’ll always have something on your skin, that is just a fact. But you can create the illusion that your skin is blemish free, using a concealer to mask something you might feel awkward about, or gives you a lacking in confidence. Everyone has the right to present themselves exactly how they want to. Whether it is a little touch up or more.

My skin is oily, OILY!! So I get breakouts and perspire a lot. I’ve got moles across my face and little indents and lines too. My main HATE are the blackheads that cover my nose like a minefield. I’ve tried pretty much every blackhead removing mask, scrub, heat treatment and I think I just have to get used to the fact, they are here to stay. I think for me that is something I wouldn’t mind having covered up.

Although I’m happy with my facial blemishes, I’m curious to see exactly how concealer would cover them up. Especially my blackheads. I actually have played with these products twice. Photos with my hair up are at my boyfriends and hair naturally down, back home in the countryside. (Just to clarify why I’m mid dressed or even with two hairstyles!)

I had surprised my boyfriend with a new haircut, so I was feeling fresh!!


You can see in the photo above, my blackheads and blemishes, are a plenty. Even from this distance, they are visible and that concerns me. And at times, can knock my confidence a little too.

The three areas I thought I’d would focus around are: under the eyes, blackheads over my nose and marks on my right-side of my face (in the picture on the left side). Since it is my first attempt, I am going for the ‘less is more’ option. Just to get a little idea on the consistency of the concealer, how far it blends, get a feel for it, that sort of thing. I’d rather start small, since my overall goal is to experiment and learn whilst I am doing so.


I dabbed a few areas around my face. Just so you can see roughly how much I’ve used and whereabouts I positioned the concealer. Being as my target audience for this brand is for male consumers, I wanted to give a minimalist approach to using their products. Something that I would possibly use myself in my own daily life.

Before I dive further into this field too, I want to take the time to properly learn and experiment more. That being said, using the correct tools for applying obviously helps give better results. Sadly I’m without brushes or sponges, so blending with a clean finger and also using cotton wool pads from Waitrose. Trying to make sure I give myself a natural and even application against my skin. Also will be looking into getting a ring light too in the future.



As you can see my face looks a little brighter. The dark patches under my eyes are less visible and the skin around my right cheek is looking really nice. I could possibly add a few more dabs of concealer to really smoothen out my skin, but I’m already pretty happy with the results. It really has given my skin a bit more life to it, I’m quite impressed!


Here, another application when I was in London. Showing more concealer in the same location on my face. I’ve included concealer on my nose too, to mask my blackheads and although it’s a little painted, I’m really happy with the results. For a first attempt using my finger to blend, it isn’t too bad!



I definitely think liquid concealer is a miracle worker. Even a tiny application can go a long way and just bring some life, back into your face. As someone who usually has dark circles under his eyes, a product that helps camouflage these patches, is something quite wonderful. It is perfect for those mornings after a sleepless night, a little touch up before you head out for your day and no-one is the wiser.

Now MMUKman’s website have a huge range of concealers, so there are loads of different types you can use. You’ll find specific concealers for exact areas for your face, so it’s worth looking around.

Now sadly, I cant find the exact product I’m testing here on their site. I have however got a link to what I believe is something very similar. It is 2g less, but still used around the same area I used mine on.

MMUK MAN Under Eye Liquid Concealer – £18

ASOS – MMUK Under Eye Liquid Concealer – £20

(The shade I’m using N55 can be found on the ASOS website)

We’ve discovered on this journey that a small application, goes a long way with this liquid concealer. This being said, I reckon you’ll be using this product for sometime, before the need to replenish it with a new one. Especially if the consumer (that is you guys!) uses the product like I’ve been doing. For guys who are after a gentle coverage of makeup and keeping it simple.

–   B r o w   [& B e a r d]   S h a d o w   (2 – Dark Brunette)    –

Upon receiving this I was unsure I would be using this product. But it wasn’t until I noticed on the side of the little box the words “beard and brow filler”. This was unexpected to read but certainly peaked my interest. Now until I get a brush, I wont be touching my eyebrows, I don’t see it going well!


But since I’m able to use this for my beard, I’m eager to know how dramatic the changes will be for my facial hair. I think with a brush I’ll get a more even coverage. But for now, let’s see the difference using a cotton wool pad.



Here is a before and after shot of the brow shadow. I quite like the fact it gives me an overall darker beard. I think this product would be amazing for any male consumers who struggle to grow complete facial hair. For those who get patches of hair that do not grow, this would be ideal. I am fortunate that most of my hair grows on my face, I’d cry if I didn’t, I would look like I’m 14. I do however have a small area under my chin that doesn’t grow, only little but still something I can mask over. The option to be able to do that is just wonderful. It really defines the area and again, I only used the tiniest amount. Any more is just unnecessary.

MMUK MAN Brow Shadow – £14

This is yet another product if used very gently, could go very far. Something to consider! I love the colour as it matches my beard so nicely. I’m definitely going to be using this again, but applying with a proper brush so I can get an even finer application. I think that will really boost my facial hair more. This is a product you’ll need to be careful when it comes to applying. It is easy to use too much and get that comedic, pirate looking, pantomime beard. Even longer facial hair has its disadvantages, so I would recommend using this with a short beard to get maximum results.


Now I’m going to try my last product, but clean my face and shave my beard first. The last piece of makeup to try is the bronzer. This was the product I was most worried about using. Bronzer, just reminds me of Kim Kardashian. She is always on about using it and it is something I don’t really see myself using? But I’m open to try it, much like the product above, I’m curious to see what is does to my face!


Like I’ve said before, I don’t own any makeup brushes. Stupidly it didn’t occur to me that I would need them, when it came time to review these! You can tell I’m such a rookie! But I’ll be getting some for my next review for sure!

Well the compact is just like any other compact, I’ve seen my friends use. It includes a mirror and is a decent size too, to be able to take with you when you’re out and about. I guess that’s why it’s called a compact! It’s pretty cute!

The design is sleek and follows that minimal aesthetic. What I adore about MMUKman’s products are the consistency across the range. They keep to their subtle style, which I know men will appreciate. The simple black allows male consumers to keep it on show in their room as it blends in with the rest of their products.

–   B r o n z e r   (300 – Golden Goddess)    –

Bronzer is used to add a gentle bit of colour to your skin, giving you a sun kissed glow mostly across areas of the face. Their long lasting formula is created specifically for men. It allows the male consumer to use the product without risking their masculinity, as it designed not to be as noticeable. Still allowing some coverage for the open minded individual. A great option for a sunny day, giving you that warmth across the face. Tell everyone you’ve been on holiday, they’ll be so jealous!



The bronzer was the product I needed to YouTube first. I wanted to make sure I was dabbing the powder around the correct areas of my face. Without a brush it was considerably harder, but I made best with a cotton wool pad. There are many places to use the bronzer on your face. I went for the nose, the top of your hairline and cheekbone on my left side of my face.

I obviously want to make sure I’ve got a little coverage, so keeping it simple and delicate on my skin. It’s important to know the areas that the sun hits your face first as this will illuminate the bronzer better. Also used to darken your skin tone, given the illusion of a tan, because everyone looks better with a tan! Have you decided where you’re telling people you went on holiday? Perhaps to the Bahamas for the weekend?

I’ve noticed all throughout this review, not having the tools used to blend and apply these products, has been challenging. Really will make a difference what you use to apply the bronzer with. Really looking forward to trying it with proper brushes and someone who can give me some tips!



Now I don’t see a huge difference myself, maybe a little. It might be the lighting, but I do have a little colour alongside my face. Like I mentioned above, will get someone who has used it to teach me better! But still fun to try it out!

Now you can find this bronzer I used on their site below. It’s another product that will last ages. You’ll find yourself using it for weeks, if not months.

MMUK MAN Bronzer For Men – £24

ASOS – MMUK Bronzer For Men – £27.50

Now it’s the pricier of all three products I’ve reviewed, but like I mentioned above, it will last the longest I believe. Not to mention each product is specifically designed for men. The formulas are all different to other typical branded makeup, usually aimed at a female audience. From the ones I’ve reviewed they aren’t heavily pigmented. You hardly notice you have anything on your face, which is so good. I’m all about a more natural look and these products are fantastic to achieve that. The bronzing powder and lotion have been designed to gently and very finely, dust onto your skin. Unlike women’s bronzer, which tends to sit a little more heavily against the skin.

The bronzers available all come with a few varieties of colour/shades. So you’ll be sure to find one that matches your skin palette well. And if you are unsure, the team are happy to help consult the correct product for you via online!


I began this review hesitant about using makeup for the first time. I wrote above, how I never saw myself using makeup. But after going through each piece, I’m really intrigued to further my knowledge and experience. I’m eager to give another review soon in the future. I’m going to purchase a beauty blending sponge and a couple brushes. I’d love to do a video review for my blog and do a step by step with a friend. Who can teach me and my male viewers, the most effective way to use each product. I think that will be great to show and help any male viewers, what can be achieved with these fantastic products from MMUKman.

I’ve had real fun with this post! I’ve already learned a lot about myself and also makeup for men in general too. It really is a market for the male consumer that needs to be more known about. It’s lacking in knowledge and by that I mean, men showing other men that they can wear makeup and it doesn’t have to sabotage their masculinity.

I might be a gay man myself and open to using products without too much hesitation. But is doesn’t have to be a scary or daunting thing, if you’re a heterosexual man reading this post and I’ve peaked your already intrigued status in makeup. If I can create a place on my blog for you chaps who are interested, but are full of questions, unsure what to ask or who to talk too. And having posts and videos on my blog can help with these worries, I’d love to be able to!

I all about that natural, neat, yet rugged, manly man look. The kind in every well established pop stars music video. The ones you never see in real life.. you know those ones? Yeah them! If I can create a part of my blog that features makeup for men and other beauty products. I promise, I wont end up making you look like a contestant on RuPauls Drag Race. (LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON OMG!) Just give me a little time to get the basics knuckled down and I can pass on, with some help from a professional, any useful tips and guides to using products from MMUKman!

I want to know what you readers have thought of this post? I know it was my first time ever using makeup so if I have got any tips wrong, please let me know? Do you have any pointers you can give a newbie? Tweet or write me a comment below!


I know it has been a fairly lengthy post! Hoping once I have more of an understanding and experience, I can be a little more precise with teaching and explaining. Especially to my male readers, about using makeup for men. I didn’t think much of it at first, but even with a first attempt, I can see a huge difference already. I will look into some other products to review and having a professional collaborate with me for future posts will be fantastic, I’m excited for this!

Now MMUKman’s cosmetic line can be purchased on their own website below. But also through website too, so you can shop everything in one place. Another amazing place online to purchase MMUKman’s products, among other fabulous brands,  is Maleskin. Defo worth checking it out!! I’ll attached the link and a couple screenshots below, so you can see the exact homepage of the website. Just to clarify you’re on the right website!

MMUKman – website
ASOS (MMUKman) – website
MALESKIN – website

Thank you for reading guys!



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