Summer With Saint London XVI

Back in May I set up a partnership, with Saint London XVI. A London based watch company, who’s products embody the cities timeless aesthetics.

–   S a i n t   L o n d o n   X   V   I   –

I first noticed how contemporary their website was and this follows through into their products. They are clean and showcase that brilliant London class and style.

London is a truly marvellous city. A metropolis that not only keeps its iconic heritage, but is constantly moving forward. It’s considered one of the top ‘It’ cities to live and work in, so its understandable many companies take inspiration from it. I personally am working hard to live again permanently in London. For me it was one of the first places I ever felt truly myself and safe being a gay man. I grew up around a very, (very) small conservative area. So London appeals to me greatly as a place to be me. Whether it is who I’m in a relationship with, what I want to wear and how I choose to portray myself.

And that is what I love about SaintLondon XVI. The brands products are aimed at everyone equally. They value timeless craftsmanship and each piece can be styled to either a female or male customer. Their watches are not gender specific, which is something I think add promise to a brand.

If you take a ‘typical’ watch designed for women, the design is usually thin and for a male customer, it is considerably chunkier. I think companies that still use that aim of design are missing out on a bigger market. Saint London look to design watches that are aimed at customers as a whole.

Now I was sent over the watch ‘Shoreditch Blackout‘ to style. I opted for this one firstly, because of it being all black, minimal and it fitting with my current style. My wardrobe is mainly black and keeping that ‘all black palette’ throughout my look is important, especially when it comes to accessories. I don’t often wear them and when I do, they obviously need to flow nicely with my outfit.

Recently though, since I’ve been living back home away from the city, my appreciation for colour and patterns has come back into my wardrobe and I’ve been mixing that all black look and adding bursts of colour too it. Fusing city with countryside appeal.

Looking back maybe not the best day to photograph, as I remember it being in the height of summer and the day being nearly 40 degrees Celsius.

As for my look, I planned something with these dungarees to be mostly all black. I wanted to add a punch of colour, with a new shirt I’d gotten from ASOS.

–   T h e   O u t f i t   –

Black Fedora Hat – Allsaints
AJ Morgan Square Sunglasses In Grey Wood – ASOS
Selected Homme Candy Stripe Shirt – ASOS
Black Dungarees – Topman
Shoreditch Blackout Watch – SaintLondon
Gym Sports Socks – ASOS
Nike Trainers – Nike

But the main focus is this lush watch I have. I am thoroughly enjoying it, even to this day writing. When I was sent my watch, it arrived quick and efficiently. Before the suggested date if I remember correctly too.

The box was very sleek and smart. The black glossy box with minimal design showcased its class and design, even before unboxing. Once opened the watch was fitted snug alongside a card. I’m thoroughly impressed that the consideration continued when designing it’s box. I’m always someone that notices and picks up when a company is selling themselves in a respectable and creative manner.

I was instantly in love and already planning how to style it, with different looks in my head.

This was also the most expensive watch I’ve worn and had the pleasure to unbox and review. I could clearly see this one some minimal, all black outfit, clean lines and shapes. But also see it against a nicely tailored suit. It really gives you multiple ways to wear it and I put that down to how they have constructed it and what they used as inspiration. The city! There are many different fashion forward, individuals living in and around the city. This product I believe, was a watch designed by the people of the city, for the people of the city. A watch for everyone.



My plan was to fuse together countryside and city aesthetics. My goal is to head back to the city and now London is the place I’m aiming for. I’m really making sure, I’m tunnel visioned to try and get myself there, without any distractions.

My look was inspired with that summery approach to the year, when dungarees and shorts are worn more. I wanted to try a create how a city boy would create a look for the countryside. Keeping it fashion forward and stylish. Making sure his outfit worked together and keeping that all black palette a recurring theme, except for that punch of colour in the shirt.

Thought I would share some more goofy looking pictures above. This is me normally. I wont lie, I feel awkward as, standing in front of a camera. It’s something that the more exposed I am to it, the easier it becomes. I thought it would be relatable to my readers, not to be looking polished all the time. Life is not like that!

Below is a slight outfit change, just showing a little variety. More smart looking in style, but the watch still works flawlessly with the look, as it did above too.

–   D i s c o u n t   C o d e   &   W e b s i t e   L i n k   –

untitledNow the watch costs £94.99 and compared to high end watches, this is a steal really. You get something truly unique with Saint London’s style. You’re really buying, a piece of London. The construction and durability supports the cost of this watch. The design like I’ve already mentioned, is something really special and so fluid too. The options are almost limitless, with a product who’s concept is so minimal and yet so much more. The watch I have is very durable, being made out of good quality materials ensures that. Every detail was thoroughly considered, when it came to making this watch. Seriously one of my favourite accessory pieces I own. I don’t often wear many accessories, but this is a constant for me. <3 I definitely want to get the rose gold version of this watch next!!

You can use this link here below, to get onto their website and browse their collections. Hurry though, because some stocks have sold out! They have a few options in black, silver, gold and pink too. You can order yourself a watch and get a 20% OFF using this code on the checkout page.

Discount code: THOMASBENJAMINCOOPER (just copy and paste it into the box)
Saint London XVI website: Saint London

Thanks for checking out my post and let me know what you think about Saint London.




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