Little Post From Tommy

Hi readers, the last time I spoke I was posting a little more frequently. My apologies for letting that slide and being quieter on my blog recently.

Obviously I’d love to be at a place where no matter what’s happening in my personal life, I can post frequently. Daily like I have done so before in the past. Hoping now I’m able too. I’ve had some time to think about what’s been going on in my life.

I’ve had a lot of changes in the past two months. I’ll explain in separate posts, but just briefly here: I left my job and was moving to Glasgow. Then ended up meeting someone just before my move and now I’m staying home to be closer to London and also this person I’ve met. There is a lot I want to share, so hopefully in the next week, can get it all out and everything else I’ve archived for my blog. I’ve got reviews, outfits, lifestyle pieces and lots more to share with you all and I’m excited to be able to get on a do it now.

So a little line up of what’s to come up on my blog:

– SaintLondon XVI watches – reviewing
– Glasgow – the original plan and what’s happened since
– Meeting this special person in my life + everything else, dates, gifts, etc.
– Outfit shoots
– Product reviews: Neils Yard Remedies, Lush, T.K.Maxx, Topman
– London
– Alternative Fashion
– New Music
– MMUKMAN – beauty products for men

So, I’ve set myself up a little workspace in my parents house. Somewhere to write, blog, review, photograph and work on my dreams. (As cheddar cheesy as that sounds.) I already feel more on it, having a space that is mine to work on is great!

I have already done some organising for future posts. Editing my photos and uploading them to my blog. I’ve made a ‘to-do’ list and will knocking each post out in good time. Being organised to me is something that grounds me. I love to work to a schedule and having order in my day, helps keep me on track. I think that is important to everyone, but especially a blogger who one day, could do this full time <3

Now I’ve a lot to cover in terms of things I’ve archived since my last batch of posts. Even though I’ve not be blogging on my main site, my Instagram has been busy and updated lots. I have also been using my camera to photograph the last couple months. So I just really, have to write everything up, most of it has been. This week though I will have some time, whilst I’m visiting the boyfriend in London and am applying to jobs!

I just wanted to show a quick over haul, of most of the stuff collected, that is in need of reviewing and featuring. I’ve written a quick list above, briefly discussing bits. But there is loads of content to come and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you readers. Your patience with me is appreciated, as I get myself back on route blogging each and every day!

I really do love those moments where I am on the blog each day and focusing about making it into a full time job. I love writing and sharing things I think others would enjoy. My blog has always been my safe place, especially over the last 4 years coming out properly to everyone and dealing with the aftermath, good and also bad. On here I can be myself and I learn to love myself more, especially seeing my blog growing alongside me. So getting back into blogging daily, will lead me good places I hope.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little post about where I have been recently and what is coming up on my blog. I’m gonna finish this post and write up my review for SaintLondonxvi. I’ve got the photoshoot done, so looking forward to putting together a post for it now.

Huge love to you all, who have stuck with me and continue to help make my blog grow. Thank you so much and thank you for reading.