Outfit – Darkwear In Greece – UO/Allsaints/ASOS

Hey guys <3

My favourite day last year on holiday, was the trip I took into the main city, to shoot my favourite outfit. We managed to do this towards the end of the trip. Our villa was located about an hours drive north of the island. So, the time spent in the main city, was appreciated valuably!

I wanted to bring my current style to Corfu, Greece. The city itself is a mixture of ancient brick and contemporary movement. Like most cities, the traditional architecture is a predominant feature and adds charm and culture. But we are always moving forward and therefore, change is inevitable.

I grew up in the countryside, so a lot of change is slow. Whereas, my time spent in the city London, the change was very fast. So I appreciate both different worlds. I also think that is shown in my wardrobe too. I don’t exactly have one style. I like to be a chameleon in terms of fashion and its usually, what is currently inspiring me, the location and mood set I’m feeling.

I adore the city and its complexities. But I’m always going to be the farmers boy Tom, living in the village, down in the countryside. And I’m ok with that. I like to show that some of my heritage is still with me. Especially, whilst I’m pursuing my life now, in various cities.

Corfu Town is historic and contemporary. And I appreciate my ability, to connect to it. To really see it. The space and the space around itself. Much more differently to a tourists view. Each detail carved out of brick, each pane of glass, the aromas, the colour palettes, the noise. Everything I take in. And it inspired me to put together this outfit.

I wanted something, simple. Something dark with a twist. A texture, subtle details. Something that would cause you to look twice. To be loud, without being loud.

I hoped that this, is what I managed to get across. The dated city, the easy lifestyle. The shadows casted and the details.

What’s funny, is this photo above took some nerve. To the left was a huge barrage of table/chairs, filled with people, that ran down the entire street. This part of the city, held some beautiful restaurants and cafes. It was the perfect location.

So I put my anxiety aside and thought, “this is for blog, for my future”. I’m not used to doing photoshoots. My ‘outfit of the day’, usually consist of me and a mirror and about 20 takes. I know that the more photoshoots I do, the more my confidence will grow and you have to start somewhere, right?

I was always the shy, sensitive kid growing up. My confidence in myself has always been quite small. But I’m gunning for my blog and I’m so passionate about fashion and styling. I am making sure that I always put my best foot forward and push myself, to work hard for my goals. Being able to share all this with my readers, friends and fans, is wonderful. But I’m also blogging for myself, to look back in 30 years and read what I was like back in my twenties. I think when that time comes, it will be fun.

We walked round for hours, stopping at cafes, taking some photos and repeating. We roamed through the centre, towards the harbour, pictured above and down all the little side streets. I took hundreds of photos of my entire trip, that are all available on my Instagram account. That is linked at the end of this post. I would have loved to uploaded them all onto my main blog. But, I thought it would be easier to view them on Instagram. However, I could possibly get some favourites selected and make a little post in the future.

I remember this day being a scorcher too. It was hot and it wasn’t even peak season. Thankfully the shadows cast between buildings and down small streets, made wearing these faux leather pants bearable. Obviously not the brightest choice to wear an outfit that absorbs sunlight/heat. But like they all say, fashion is pain. Even though I wasn’t in pain, just rather warm!!

Holidays for me, are for wondering through streets, at a gentle pace. Taking and breathing in the culture, around me. To sit in a café and watch the world go by. Something effortless and simple. A coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. It’s even more fun to do this, whilst styling outfits to wear.

So lets break down the look featured in this blog post, into details.

– Outfit –

AJ Morgan Square Sunglasses In Grey Wood – ASOS – £15
Dickies Fort Jones Trucker Cap – ASOS – £25
Geometric Pattern Shirt – Allsaints – £85 (approx.)
Black/White Minimal Watch – ASOS – £22
Feathers Faux Leather Pants – Urban Outfitters – $60-$100
Nike Trainers – Nike – £50?

Sadly a majority of it, is past season. But it’s a look, I really wanted to share with you guys. I have however linked what I could, and given options for the others.

I loved walking around the city. I felt confident in my look, if not a little nervous. It was quite a bold look, with the faux leather pants. But I wanted to stand out and I think I did ok. Years ago however, I would have never of worn anything like this look featured. I would have played it, boring and safe. But I’ve found my confidence now and have my goals. I’m happy and I’m super proud my myself too.

Now whenever I wear an outfit I am LIVING for, I just go for it. Work that look like a runway.


Anyways.. my favourite aspect on holidays now, is creating a look. Before my blog and knowledge of clothing, I would sit and do nothing. By the third day, I’d be bored. But blogging about my adventures and showcasing my fashion looks, channels my thoughts creatively. It’s stimulating enough and rewarding too.

I was unable to go this year to Corfu again, because of my move. I’m hoping once I’ve settled in Glasgow, that I will be able to take some savings and head off to Rome in the summer. Either by myself, or with a friend/ future boyfriend. (I will need someone to take my photos!!)

It will be great if I’m able to plan something and blog more currently about it too! So, we’ll see!

Thanks a lot for checking out this post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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