Floral Cupcakes

Hi hi!

I bought these cupcakes from my current place of work, back in the spring. Aren’t they cute. They are shaped like flowers.

I thought they were a pretty edition to my blog, because my love of florals. Flowers in general make me so happy. I love surprising people with flowers, whilst also love being surprised myself. Although the second part rarely happens. So I buy myself flowers to make myself smile.


Me and my best friend Will, talked about giving and receiving flowers once. And how we would go about giving any future boyfriends, flowers.

And I said, ‘randomly’. I would personally, meet them after work. Without telling them that I was walking them home and surprise them with flowers. Or, lets say a day off together. I go out to get coffee for us and come back with flowers too. Just because it is nice and thoughtful. If I can find someone to do that for and share that with, well that would be so great.

I’m the kind of guy, that orders flowers to be delivered to a guys house. Even when I cannot hand deliver them personally, because I’m not around in the area. I just think some old traditions are still nice, but also a dying art. It is like writing letters to people. I love to do that.

Flowers make you smile. And I cannot wait to buy flowers for my flat in Glasgow. I also look forward to having a green place too, filled with ferns and rich green plants. <3

My absolute favourite flowers are Hydrangeas and I also love Forget-Me-Nots.

Thanks a lot for checking out this very little post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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