Outfit – Liquid Black Tracksuit – Adidas Chile

Afternoon chums!

I hope everyone is well. I’m enjoying the start of my holiday, by getting onto the blog!

I wanted to share this Adidas Chile tracksuit set I own. One of my favourites on my clothes rail. It’s pretty cool!

This was a set I bought at JD Sports. Each piece was about £55 each. You are paying for the Adidas lifestyle and a statement piece too. Which is why I ordered myself a couple of sets. One spare really, for when this one is too worn.

This style of tracksuit by Adidas, seems to something that the brand releases yearly. Usually, alternative varieties of the shiny, wet look style. Things like, colour palettes, cuffed ankles, waistbands, collars, that sort of thing. Details really.

I wish more brands would go for these more unique designs. It definitely gets attention. Also gives you more options when mixing up each garment, with other pieces from your wardrobe. So it’s great fun!

I usually wear the track top out, with a minimal black outfit. I let the jacket do the selling, because of it’s different design. The bottoms (which I’m wearing now) are usually worn at home as loungewear, or the full suit. They are super comfy and so good to chill in. But I’ve possible plans to feature the whole look out, once I’ve moved up to Glasgow.

The one thing I love about this style of tracksuit is that it isn’t shy. It is the sort of style, that reminds me of K-Pop fashion (that’s Korean Pop). I am a huge fan of the K-Pop music scene and the fashion and creative art, behind each artist and group. And this whole tracksuit would fit in so well.

Adidas is a street style brand and South Korean, fashion and music groups are always integrating it, into its own aesthetic and style. Jeremy Scott has worked with groups like 2ne1 and featured his partnership with Adidas. And you can see the Adidas in their music videos.

I’m so happy I own a couple sets of these tracksuits, as they always sell out super fast and then become expensive and rare to find. You can check eBay for random pieces, but it ends up costing you a lot more. I’ve previously bought some Adidas Chile pieces on eBay, it wasn’t the cheapest buy! Totally worth it though, for my wardrobe.

Thanks a lot for checking out this very little post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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