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It is coming up this time last year, that I was on these steps to our villa. I wont lie, I wish I was back there again. That euphoric feeling, knowing you’re on holiday, is wonderful. But I’m saving to move and I want that more than a holiday right now. Although if someone rich and handsome, wants to fly me out somewhere… I could be persuaded.

But anyway! I wanted to run through another one of my looks, from my holiday last year to Corfu, Greece. This look is the majority of ASOS and what I picked up especially for my trip! I wanted breathable, dark and keeping to my own personal style.

– The Outfit –

Black/White Minimal Watch – ASOS
Black Fedora Hat – Allsaints
AJ Morgan Square Sunglasses In Grey Wood – ASOS
Reclaimed Vintage Chiffon Shirt In Floral Print – ASOS
Denim Shorts – ASOS
Black Sandals – Topman

My goal on holiday was to style multiple looks, using the set items I brought along with me. I think I did an great job too. As this outfit above differs from the previous looks I’ve featured earlier on, on my blog. Although it still keeps to my initial style and aesthetic.

I’ve featured the shorts, shirt and sunglasses, (bit of a mouthful there sorry!) with different ways to style them, earlier on my blog. Just trying to show variety really, on how I would stretch a piece of clothing. So that it isn’t just *that top, from that look only’.

It is one thing I love about styling pieces. And to be able to do that full time as a job, well, would be a dream if I’m honest. I’ve searched across a lot of creative jobs/career paths, from illustration, to photography, animation (which I have a degree in) and other forms of art and media. But lastly, was the fashion route. I think fashion/styling is where I’m supposed to be heading. I just love it so much. I’m so passionate about it and being able to blog my styles and ideas and share with other people with similar interests, is really inspiring. It makes me want to continue to grow and evolve.

I’m also feeling this photo too. I think it came out quite editorially. I like the pose, the editing and overall feel. It’s almost effortless. Could have been a still, from an advert for a high-street fashion brand. But maybe I’m getting a little head of myself! It just feels fantastic to upload and share these outfits finally! SO, LOADS MORE TO FOLLOW!

Thanks a lot for checking out this very little post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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