Moschino In My Drawers – TKMaxx

I wanted to share tonight another little post. About some underwear I got from TKMaxx.

Men’s underwear is usually expensive, especially the nicer brands. You could buy some cheaper designs, but be left feeling a little flat. Personally for me, wearing a good pair of underwear makes me feel confident (and sexy). Might be a little sad, but its the truth. And I know I’m not alone here chaps?!

TKMaxx as I’ve mentioned before, gives you options to find some fabulous pieces. If you head to their underwear section, you’ll be giving a vast range of discounted, designer underwear. And that is something you can cheer for! Who seriously can afford 7 pairs of underwear at £30+ each? Not me right now, anyway.

I had been after some of those Calvin Klein underwear for years. You know the ones from the adverts, with David Beckham? It wasn’t until I had them in my hands at TKMaxx, that I noticed the label Moschino on the shelf.

Now Moschino is one of my top favourite brands <3 I LOVE IT. I got to meet Jeremy Scott, at a Moschino event in London years back and its one of my favourite memories. So after dropping the CK briefs, I grabbed a pair of the Moschino that were in front of me.

I didn’t even know that this brand even made underwear, or that I’d be able to find it in a high-street chain.

And what is even better, was the price.

£10 and what I think was down from, £35. So I bought them in (M) size. Sadly the only medium they had out. But every time I can get to a TKMaxx, granted that I remember, I try and have a hunt for some more.


I thought the packaging and clean design of them, were perfect. Something that fits with my wardrobes aesthetics. And it feels good knowing, I’ve got a pair of luxury branded underwear from Moschino, in my drawers.

Do you guys reading have a favourite brand you like?

Thanks a lot for checking out this very little post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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