Pepsi Cola Lips – TKMaxx

You know what I love about TKMaxx? The random things you find there. Its always full of great one off pieces, from shoes too clothing and homeware. I think it’s quite a skill to be able to find some truly wonderful and unusual things.

What are they? I was queuing to pay and noticed these little soda can things. I picked it up, thought it was cute and before you knew it, was home. I didn’t even look to see what I had put in my basket.

Once home I was intrigued to see what they were. I thought maybe fun style erasers for sketching. The sort of thing you’d find in Paperchase.

I paid £6 if I remember correctly and turns out, that these are lip balms?!

Aren’t they sweet!? I’ve yet to try them, but I’m imagining that they are flavoured like the drinks themselves. I thought they were quite fun! I’ll have to finish my current lip balms, before I open these up. I’m excited to see what they are like!!

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