Hi hi readers!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s been following my blog, old and new! It really feels amazing, to be blogging again. I’m slowly getting through my archived posts and once done, can focus on more current and up to date happenings in my life!

The last month has been brilliant and I’m so focused on my blog and working towards making it something truly great! So thank you again <3

I wanted to share some outfits I put together one afternoon, back last year November. I’d ordered some pieces from ASOS and was just playing around, just a bit of fun.

There are a variety of pieces from ASOS, Allsaints and Adidas (ebay) here. I wont bore you guys with the details for each piece right now. But once I’ve moved into my place in Glasgow, will be able to style my outfits more properly! I’ve already mentioned some pieces in previous posts. So once moved, might re-review these looks!

Thanks a lot for checking out this very little post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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