The Most Amazing Chocolate?

Chocolate is one of life’s little sweet treats. It is something that you can drink, to warm up on cold winters day. Or it’s summer, you’ve packed together a cute picnic, with chocolate covered strawberries. All year round, it is enjoyed by so many people and it comes in so many different shapes and varieties.

Now personally, I’m not the biggest chocolate fan. I used to adore milk chocolate, but I find myself loving dark chocolate more as I get older. I love that rich, bitter taste. (It goes great with a glass of red!)

So sometime ago, I came across a little handmade chocolate stand at my closest shopping centre/mall.

– The Amazing Chocolate Workshop

It definitely lives up to its name!

Sprawled out over four sides, were piles of handcrafted chocolates. All inspired by everyday items. My absolute favourite were the skulls in the picture above. I’m so mad at myself for not buying a handful of skulls, to enjoy when I had the time. I went back another day and the stall had changed to something else!

Feeling pretty dumb for missing out, but if I come across another stall in the future, defo gonna treat myself to some skulls!


Everything was so aesthetically pleasing and SO realistic. The nuts and bolts, genuinely looked like something found in my garage.

Their really was something quite beautiful about these chocolates. The craftsmanship and precision is truly enticing! Their prices varied to the size of which design you went for, but overall very fair!

If you wanted to order yourself some, you can head on over to their official website in the link below. You’ll be able to browse their extensive and growing range first hand.

– The Amazing Chocolate Company

It was established in 2014 by a duo, Ed & Mo. They both believe in creating unique chocolate and being an independent brand, gives them the total freedom to express which creative direction, they are feeling.

The artisan chocolate lasts up to 6 months and is made using premium ingredients too. So perfect as a gift (or indulging personally with).

I will be following their work to see what new pieces they release!


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