The Secret To A Good Beard? – Mr. Natty Famous Beard Elixirs

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Now tell me, who doesn’t like a nicely maintained beard? I’d totally swoon over a guy, with some form of facial hair. Especially if they’re groomed well and looking handsome.

I like to use Mr. Natty Famous Beard Elixirs to keep my facial hair, soft and lush.

Beard hair is usually, much more abrasive and wiry. Unlike the hair on our head, when we shave our beard hair, often time it irritates the skin. Using Mr. Natty Beard Elixir not only helps to soften my facial hair, but once trimmed using my Phillips One Blade. The skin underneath is less flustered. Which is always a bonus!

Currently my facial hair isn’t that long. I keep it groomed short though, for work in my coffee shop. This however hasn’t stopped me using the elixir, to ensure my hair is luscious and healthy! My beard is always very soft to touch, thanks to this elixir.

I ordered my bottle from ASOS and it cost me, £9.50. My version however, was one of their Christmas pieces, so sadly unavailable now. But you can grab their standard famous beard elixir, using the link below. I’m pretty sure it is, near enough the same thing as the version I have got featured. It is also the same price!

– Mr. Natty Famous Beard Elixir

The 8ml bottle will stretch for ages, you really get your money’s worth! I’m still going with mine, but have been looking into Mr. Natty range on their online store here below.

– Mr. Natty Online Store –

I love the style this company has gone for! I think the whole design and concept is really fun and quite appealing as a customer. Not to mention the ingredients used in their products are all really good for maintaining a brilliant beard!

Any of my male followers, use Mr. Natty? Have you got any products you’d recommend?

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