Neptune Boot In Black Suede – Allsaints

Before I started to save for my move to Glasgow, I got myself a little haul from Allsaints. I wanted to expand my footwear collection and decided to look out for some boots. I did order myself a coat alongside these boots and a pair of suit trousers.

But I cam across these boots on sale for £131. Check them out below! <3

These are the ‘Neptune Boot – Black – Size 10’

The first thing I noticed online were the detailing features. The zip down the inside of the boot and the dark grey/black, suede finish. Now I’ve never really owned a pair of boots in this style before, so I decided to order myself some! Like I said above, not saving for anything in particular and was really looking out for things, I could feature on my blog. Pieces to build a collection with and create outfit looks. (I’ve got so much already!)

Upon receiving them, I tried them on and they fitted well, if not a little heavy! (Better start working on my leg muscles more!) They are really comfortable, but like most new shoes, will need to be broken into.

So since I’ve had them, I’ve kept them safe for my move. Where I shall be featuring these with some outfits in Glasgow! So keep on eye on this space, because I cannot wait to show you guys!

Check out their current menswear range, for boots/shoes here.

Thanks a lot for checking out this post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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