How Do You Like To Shower? – Original Source

Has anyone come across, these limited edition shower gels by Original Source?

I’ve always been a huge fan of their products, especially the mint and tea tree variety. Always leaves my skin tingly and smelling wonderfully.

But recently came across this little beauty!


This limited edition Original Source smells so sweet and fruity! A perfect blend for summer, hibiscus and pomegranate. The aroma places me in the tropics, when I use this.

Original Source was actually my first ever, beauty product purchase. I remember treating myself to their shower gel range, as something just for me. Since I’m more knowledgeable than my younger self, about how vast the beauty industry is. I still continue to buy Original Source to this day.

Their products always last so long and are always great value for money! Usually grocery shops like Waitrose or even pharmaceutical shops like, Superdrug or Boots have them on offer (e.g – 2 for £3). So it is worth scouting around! I’ve linked the shops above.

Has anyone else tried this edition above? Have you got a favourite verity from their collection? Let me know your thoughts!

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