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Morning lovelies, I hope you are all well!

I was just going through some older photos, which were archived for my blog. So this is a little throwback to my longer, grey hair days.

Looking back as my hair gets back to its natural state, I cant get over how different I’ve looked these past months, since December last year.

I will definitely be dyeing my hair again, that is a fact!

Now as for the outfit in this rather blurry pic, to which I’m blaming the dust on the mirror. I was geared up, heading out for lunch with mum and it was just before spring was showing its face. I decided to go for layers.

I wanted to wear a look that is more comfortable to me now, than it was years ago. I bought these faux leather pants which were branded ‘Feathers’, online at Urban Outfitters (US) the first week I moved to London. Sadly, I’ve not been able to find the brand more online. But I’m so happy I managed to snap up a pair of these pants.

I’ve not worn them too much, because they are faux leather. This means the signs of wear are more noticeable, unlike genuine leather goods. So, I usually wear them for specific days out or events.

I remember that I took this, when I went out for lunch at a garden centre, with my mum. Obviously a very bold look for the heart of the countryside, but I wore the look proudly and loved the attention, I’m not gonna lie! It was very different, to the usual countryside attire everyone else was wearing.

And that is what I love about fashion, the bold statements, the edgy styles and everything else in-between.

I really want to feature these faux leather pants into more outfit looks, when I move up to Glasgow! I think they will be a brilliant piece to wear, whilst I’m living up there! And I’ve got so many outfits already planned. <3

Now I don’t have much info on the pants, since I got them so long ago. I think price wise, they were around $60-$100. The shipped fairly quickly from America too which was nice! And the detailing for a faux pair are really nice. Drawstring and buttoned back pockets. Also, cuffed around the ankle as to a more fitted approach.

I absolutely adore them and give my thanks to being able purchase a pair, to a guy on my Instagram. He introduced me to them, as he himself, had a pair and styled a summer look with them! So, so good! (So thank you Mick if you ever stumbled across this!)

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks a lot for checking out this post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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