Minimal Watch In Black – ASOS

Today I wanted to share an ASOS own brand item and one that is a constant, in my revolving wardrobe.

I always think shopping smartly is wonderful, especially if you are watching your savings. Finding yourself a good buy, is always uplifting and something you can incorporate into your own daily style, is even more rewarding.

I live for those amazing pieces you find, after hours of looking online and in-store. And to me, they are just as luxurious as these designer watches I cant afford.

So I really lucked out stumbling across this minimalistic watch in black, by ASOS. I’d been searching really for a simple watch, that I could use, during and out of work.

Simply designed, I thought it fit very nicely, with my own personal fashion style and aesthetic. I could instantly tell from seeing it online, that I could work it into many looks.

Not only that, but it would be smart and simple for work too.

I love how ASOS shipped this little gem. It arrived in this minimalistic cardboard box, with subtle detailing. I think it fits perfectly with me and especially my style of photography too.

The watch lay inside, coiled around a little black cushion for protection. Everything was just so simple and minimal. <3

On a side note, the box can be used for storage too. They are so practical, that I put my Nintendo DS games inside mine haha! (Yeah, I still sometimes get the urge to play Pokemon!)

ASOS seriously kill it, with some of their own brand products. The quality too, for the price, is brilliant. I’ve got the same watch in a white version, one that I’ve used for many months. The endurance qualities for these watches are great. I’m still using my previous watch, as well as this black version I’m featuring above. There is a little wear with the leather strap, but nothing that cant be adjusted or replaced with a new strap.

– ASOS Minimal Watch In Black With Leather Strap

Originally £25 when I bought this item. This current model is out of stock. However this link here, takes you too another watch in an almost identical style.

I’d highly recommend these minimal style watches. I’m not an expert, but it seems ASOS release different varieties of this style of watch, with each passing season? They really are great statement pieces!

I’m happily gathering a little collection myself! <3

Thanks a lot for checking out this post and reading too. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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