Gays Who Brunch (excluding the champagne)

Hey, we are both on a budget….


I wanted to share the day out I took to see my BFF (broke friend forever) in London. The last time I got to see him was November last year, so it had been months.


It was a long overdue visit and living further apart these days, obviously makes meet ups more precious. This is more of a personal blog post. Something for me to look back in 30 years and remember this day out.

This little one and that cheeky smile, always brightens my day.

So we sat down outside a little café, which allowed us to smoke outside. Unfortunately, we were sitting in the shade and wanted to sit on the opposite side of the street, at the red café. But they didn’t allow smoking, so we were forced to sit elsewhere.

We ordered our vanilla lattes (because we so gayyy) and sat, talked and watched the world go by.

Afterwards we headed to Waitrose and picked up some food, then headed back to Will’s. I got to meet Heath-Cliff, his French bull terrier. Such a cutie!


Whilst we played, I was made brunch. It was delicious! (totally nice having a guy make me food too, haha!)

I live for brunch and that is something I’m gonna do loads in Glasgow!


Pancakes, bacon and syrup had me feeling so, so good. I haven eaten a late morning breakfast like this for ages, so it was consumed eagerly and happily.

We then headed into the lounge to binge watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and chill out after our meal. We managed to get through at least 3 episodes before we got hungry again and ate a pizza. We are boys, who like our food.

What happened next was a true best friend test though. As I was asked to shave a step into Will’s hair, which I was happy to try. It could have gone either of three ways.

Firstly it goes well and I quit my current life, to focus on being a hairdresser. Secondly, I shave too much in and he has to wait a little while before we can attempt it again. And by we, I mean, someone who isn’t me. And lastly, I accidently catch his ear and he doesn’t speak to me again. Yikes.

Thankfully it is safe to say, we are still friends and I think my attempt, wasn’t too shabby. I personally love a step in a hairstyle as it adds definition and it is something that is quite unusual. I’m tempted to do it to mine again for my next haircut.

Not long afterwards I was commuting back home. It was a really nice day and was lovely to see my boy, after so long too. (I miss him terribly, but don’t tell him that)

Here is to the next meet up. I’ll get him to come visit me in Glasgow.



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