Outfit – Black Velvet and Rubber – COS/Rufskin/Bang + Strike

Black Velvet & Rubber.

Scouting locations to give the illusion I was still living in the city, after I moved back home, was a challenge. I wanted a backdrop that gave that industrial feel to my looks, to keep up with my current personal and fashion style.

My dad’s company thankfully has this huge warehouse door, which was perfect substitute. It was enough without being too much, against my look/outfit. Also a little throwback too, to when I had my natural hair.


I wanted to focus on uniqueness, with some pieces from my wardrobe for this shoot specifically. Learning really, about how capture and present that into a photoshoot.

I’ve said that I like textures and fabrics previously. So pieces that are just, a little bit different and unusual. I think I enjoy this concept, because I relate to it. I was always called out for being different and unusual and was made to believe it was wrong. But, I cherish that aspect about myself and being able to channel it creatively into my outfits and style, makes me proud.


I was going for a look in all black and something that was mild weather appropriate too. I chose two pieces that use interesting fabrics and paired them up together with some monochrome sliders.

– Outfit –

Over Sized Velvet Shirt – COS – Roughly £50-£70
Goudron Rubber Finish Gym Shorts – Ruskin – £64.95
Adidas Originals Adilette Sliders – ASOS – £25

(The velvet shirt from COS was a previous season, so unfortunately it is currently unavailable. But I’ve linked to their entire current shirt range.)

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

IMG_20170412_095548_429I’ve shopped before at Bang & Strike for my underwear and sportswear items. The website is just so user friendly and great. It is my go to place, just like a lot of other men who are fashion conscious. They hold a huge variety of high end brands, with decent prices and their customer support is beyond amazing. It is always a pleasure to shop and receive my order and with thanks from the team each time too. I think that touch is a really nice feature for a company to have. (And it makes me want to shop again with them!!)

The Rufskin shorts in this outfit above (and to the more recent picture of me on the right), also come in a sweat pants variety. The same neoprene, rubberized fabric detailing too, but as a full legged item. The material is really soft too, to the touch. The synthetic construction gives it this distinctively unique finish. I’m hoping to get these sweat pants after my move to Glasgow in June. As I’ve already planned a couple of possible outfits to come from having them in my wardrobe.

Hoping they will still be in stock when the time comes around post move up north! It would be brilliant to be able to style them on my blog and then link back to Bang + Strike with my thanks really, for stocking such wonderful and interesting styles.

On a side note – Rufskin is one of my favourite unusual brands too. As their products always have edge factor and masculine flair. Each piece is properly constructed and are built to last too.

I’ve a pair of onion-skin style swim shorts that I’ve had now for a couple of years now and they are still in fabulous condition. Usually worn when its warmer outside on my days off, instead of my usual trackie choice.

I’ve also not come across another underwear and sportswear brand that have this strong focus to detailing and construction with their garments.

Even though designed for a body of water, they are still comfortable on dry land. Breathable and lightweight, which make a perfect and sexy choice for summer. Get those legs out!!

Now back to the featured outfit. I am looking forward to re-styling this shirt, when I move to Glasgow in June. The buildings around the Finnieston area would give me a strong backdrop, for a more updated look featuring this shirt. So I’m looking forward to shooting that in the future.


I’ve got myself a friend who is willing to shoot my outfits for me in exchange of borrowing my wardrobe. It’s going to be so good, to be able to feature my outfits more prominently on here and have that as my main feature for my blog <3

Thanks a lot for checking out this post and reading. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, over Instagram or Twitter.



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