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Jurassic Park, has to be one of the most iconic films that I have ever watched. I love a good film night snuggled up with someone and this film is a classic. It is one of those films that is timeless and never gets boring to re-watch. (Throwing Mean Girls into this category too and I know the other gays reading this, will agree with me on that one).

Mean Girls

Jurassic Park though for me, was filmed during that golden era, where animation did not overtake the film entirely. The use of robotics and animatronics, gave me actual life and made the film so believable, when I first watched it. The dinosaurs felt real, because they were genuinely there, on set with the actors. The style of camerawork was done magnificently well and everything in the frame, was considered to create this dangerous and tropical world.

Now I studied animation at university and we looked at techniques and varieties of animation, that is used in films. And because of that, I break down any film that uses animation with live acting now. It does pull my focus a little bit from the film I’m watching. So that is why I appreciate these style of 90’s films. I’m a 90’s kid born in 1991 and I grew up with them all. (Anaconda is another top favourite!).

Well I visited HMV to get myself Greys Anatomy on boxset, to pass the time until my move. Boxsets have been a life saver at quickening my move date, especially since my friends don’t live anywhere near my parents house in the countryside.

Whilst browsing and heading towards the till I found a wall of graphic tees. All movie and television related. Some of them, styles I used to wear back when I was an awkward college kid.

But I did notice one tee that I decided I needed, after laying my eyes on it. Ahaha! It was that iconic Jurassic Park logo, with the T-Rex skeleton against the red.

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It brought back memories of watching it, but I then noticed that it was not exactly the logo I’d seen before. Something was a little bit unusual about it.

After finding it in the piles and realised that this had different lettering on the front. I found out that the text was in Chinese. (I think I am correct in this, but please correct me if I am wrong.) At first I thought the lettering was Japanese, but after looking a little closer, realised that they were Chinese symbols instead.

Now I’m a huge fan of Asia and the different cultures in each country. I would love to be able to travel one day, to places like Japan (Kyoto & Tokyo), China (Hong Kong) and South Korea (Seoul <3 ). Just immerse and enrich myself with the fashion, culture, art and lifestyle of these places first-hand, that are so alien to where I come from.

I adore places like Seoul City, South Korea. I’m so inspired and influenced by K-pop music, fashion styles and artistic movements. And I try and introduce them into my own fashion and aesthetics.

So finding this Jurassic Park printed top, in Chinese lettering was exciting for me. I immediately starting thinking of looks I can create using this as the feature piece. I’d love to incorporate Chinese street style into my own look and maybe fusing my own dark wear aesthetic.

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The top only cost me £12.99 and can be found in this link here, or by clicking on the images in the post featuring the tee.

– Jurassic Park Retro Tee in Chinese

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