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I wanted to share a fragrance, that I ordered from ASOS on a whim and one that I now use in my daily routine.

– Korres –

A Greek company, which was founded in 1996 in Athens. (One place I’d love to visit one day.) A pharmacist, Georgios Korres pioneered this wonderful brand, inspired by natural ingredients and homeopathy.

The range Korres offers is quite vast and support both women and men:

  • Skin Care (cleansers & scrubs, eye, moisturisers, masks and serums)
  • Bath & Beauty (body milk, sun care and shower gel)
  • Fragrances
  • Apothecary

There really is something for everyone and I will be writing about the fragrance I found over on ASOS.

The first thing I wanted to talk about was the packaging. If I’m being honest, I’d never heard of Korres properly before. Maybe, saw it in department store whilst out, but never looked twice. It was however, seeing this packaging on ASOS, that I did a double take.

I’ve been mentioning my style a lot recently too, whilst I’ve been uploading my outfit posts and this style of design for this Korres fragrance above, is gorgeous. It’s minimal, but structured. A mixture too, of monochrome and a flair of a single colour.

It is absolutely gorgeous and was the first thing that caught my attention. It just looks aesthetically pleasing. It is the kind of attention to detail that I appreciate, as a creative type. It kind of reminds me of my own fashion style in terms of colour palette and structured design.

Now ASOS sell this little gem for £30. You can find it clicking the link below, or even by clicking the images throughout the post.

– ASOS – Korres Eau de toilette – (Vetiver Root, Green Tea & Cedarwood) – £30

The scent of this fragrance is quite unique. I’m not entirely sure how to describe it, but will do my best. Obviously everyone’s senses are different and your skins oils mixed with the perfume create powerful chemical reactions which again are unique to only you.

If I was to personally describe my initial reaction. I would say that the fragrance has a mixture of: sweet/dark/spicy/earthy properties.

And if you break down the ingredients:

  • Vetiver Root – This is a fragrant grass and contains a large complexity of essential oil. The best quality of Vetiver Oil is obtained between 18-24 months. The oil is amber brown and thick. It is probably safe to say that the time frame in which the oil is best gathered, is probably quite concentrated. The fragrance above, has this deep and earthy scent.
  • Green Tea – (A tea best consumed with a Kastu Curry from Wagamamas.) Green tea gives us this light and refreshing quality. The fragrance pairs this lightness against the Vetiver Root which is deep. The perfect contrast. Something deep, yet uplifting and clean.
  • Cedarwood Oil – Embalming properties from this essential oil, have been used in many things such as insect repellent. Now we all know little bugs, enjoy the scent of something rich and nice. So, the cedar oil compound allows the fragrance to work and create a barrier to where it is applied on the body.

I thought I would shed a little light on the ingredients used for this product. You can see though that the aroma in a more personal and detailed analysis, is quite unique. To me, it battles that deep and slightly dark quality and using something light and refreshing, creates this imperfect balance. It is a scent that is very manly, but also delicate. Much like my love for dark florals and dark tropic aesthetics. It has this, ensnaring and ominous presence when you come into contact with it.

I started wearing it to my job so much, my manager asked where she could buy a bottle, because she loved it so much. So even though it is targeted at men, I believe that it could be branded as a unisex scent. It is definitely not your typical manly cologne. It is very unique and the detailing into creating it was obviously researched thoroughly.

The last thing I want to mention as I wrap up this review, is how long this bottle will last you. I ordered mine in November 2016 and it is now coming up to the end of April. Since then, I have been wearing it every day. For £30 too, it is an brilliant choice.

You really only need a couple pumps to last a whole day. The quality of the ingredients and science behind the premium compounds used in this potion, ensure that. I’ve used cheaper scents before as a daily cologne, which were still lovely and enjoyable, but sadly, they didn’t last as long as this product.

There are two other Eau De Toilette options for men to try, which can be found directly on the online Korres shop.




The other two fragrances look like great options to try. I’d love to try the blue pack next, the Blue Sage, Lime & Fir Wood fragrance. If you click on the pictures, you’ll be directed to the Korres online store. Sadly these scents aren’t available on ASOS, but ASOS does hold a fair few Korres products – Click here to head to them.

Have any of you readers used Korres before? Feel free to comment below or come chat to me over on Twitter or Instagram.

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