Countryside Glam – Jack Wills/Allsaints/Cro’ Jack/ASOS

I wanted to share a slightly different style in my wardrobe I sometimes go for. It’s more of a fusion of different to where I am from and to where I’m going. Countryside/City

Since living in London, my style and wardrobe includes a much darker aesthetic. Ditched the purple chinos for black, white and grey. I never really knew how to wear those shades, before I lived in the city.

I’m originally from the countryside and had a smart, but predictable country boy look. (Think chinos and gilets, with a dress shirt.) My move to London helped me evolve as a person and as a fashion conscious gay man. I was opened up to different styles and trends and I love now, how I style clothing. It was a total shock to the people who knew me before London.

I seem to have a raw talent, at putting together looks. Taking the unusual and making it work with a specific look or theme. I’ve never really thought about it, but looking back at what I’ve styled so far for myself and other people and the comments I’ve received, has made me think a stylist career, could be something I could do. Something that has just been under my nose?

Before I was very hesitant and self coconscious about how I dressed and what other people would be thinking. I was shelled and afraid, much like my personality before. But living in London and post life afterwards, that awkwardness has dispersed. I’m finally at a place where I am comfortable with who I am, what I am and how I want to dress. Life is too short in reality and I know how cliché that sounds, but it’s the truth.

I had a very hard year in London, but that experience along with the new scenes and styles I was introduced too, helped make me proud of who I am and showed me, the types of people in this world. The ones you can trust and the ones you have to let go.

Below are two similar outfits focusing on my countryside style heritage, whilst using city influences. I’ve taken Allsaints, blue ripped, cigarette jeans and paired them with their brown, military style boots. They remind me of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. She wore these brown boots for her adventures and I’ve always wanted a pair of them myself. I finally found a decent pair. I paired it with a blue shirt from H&M, with white spec detailing.


The outfit shows a countryside approach, using city influenced brands. I’ve paired the photo underneath, using a similar theme.

I’ve gone for a grey turtle neck sweater from Zara and paired with a jacket I found at TKMAXX years ago. It was one of those random one off pieces, that you find hidden in the store. A brand called Cro’ Jack giving some very British flair. I’ve added my scarf from Jack Wills (which I bought when I was in Glasgow back in January). And lastly threw on my ASOS cap, which always seems to be on my head.


These style of outfits remind me of days at my grans farm holding. Helping out with the gardening or around the land, with the animals. Giving you country boy realness.

I see myself living in the city my entire adult life. I love the energy a city has. It’s alive, raw and electric. It feeds and hums. So currently working and saving, so I can live again in a city. I’ve chosen Glasgow as a different place to explore. Plus it is so much cheaper than London, so I’d be able to go out to place and live on my own too. I’ve be able to fully enjoy a city and not work to just get by each month.

I would be persuaded to live by the ocean if I found someone who wanted to share his life with me. Have a cute little family, with a dog and a yard, over looking the coastal waves. Lots of nautical themed, Cornish looking and made pieces in my house.

As for now though, I want a career and I am gunning for it now. I want to make my blog into something more. To be able to blog full time and maybe work part time as management for a clothing company could be fun! I’m focused and not letting distractions, sway my free time. I work, I come home and I blog. It feels so good. Like I’ve got my drive back again.

Thank you for reading and being with me on my journey <3


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