London To Greece Outfit – Allsaints/ASOS/Nike


I thought I would share another outfit post, this one back to last years holiday. A little throwback to my first holiday in 6 years. It was well needed for sure.

I decided to bring London to Corfu, Greece. And show what I would wear, keeping to my style and aesthetic, for a cooler day/evening style look.

I actually bought this entire ensemble for my birthday, which was about 2 weeks before the trip. I headed to the Allsaints outlet store in Southampton, where this little gem of a shop was situated. It might not be currently in season, but I believe if you find a great piece of clothing, you should wear it until it falls apart. You’ve spent money on it, so might as well enjoy it and get your moneys worth right?!

The outlet store for me, gave me the options and choices without the large till receipt at the end. I was saving back then, to move out last year. (And yeah I’m aware I’m still saving, but now this time properly and with a plan I promise!) My goal then for my birthday, was to try and find a black biker jacket. One with the collars, details and a great fit.

Obviously, Allsaints was the only shop on my radar where I headed too. On the off chance a past season jacket was available and after a little searching, came across two of the jacket I’m wearing below.

I tried on both because each jacket fits differently. They are obviously made individually, so a little difference is noticed to someone who knows clothing.

Thankfully the one I am wearing below, fits perfectly. The other one in the same size, was a little too baggy for my liking and just didn’t feel right wearing it. So after securing the correct jacket, I browsed a little while longer not intending to then find this printed shirt and the cuffed tailored wool pants. But left the store a happy chappie with all three items.

Lets run down the look.

Cap – ASOS
Leather Biker Jacket – Allsaints
Printed Short Sleeve Shirt – Allsaints
Cuffed Wool Suit Pants – Allsaints
Nike Trainers – Sports Direct

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I’ve linked above the closest similar style pieces, from my look above. Just click the links in the breakdown above and you’ll open up, to a refined search option, for each piece of clothing.

Since these were all pieces I found in the sales and at an outlet store. The exact pieces in the shot above, will be rare to find. I wanted to give you guys the option of creating this look, with the best substitutes.

I’ve mentioned before that for me personally, any item of clothing I purchase will be worn until it can no longer be. I don’t wear one outfit once and then move onto the next one. I put together so many different outfit options at home and always snap a picture to see how it looks. This then lets me compare outfits and also find new looks that I’ve overlooked because of the volume of clothing I currently have.

But it is always looks that make me feel great. I’m not dressing for anyone else, just myself. As long as I like the style and choice I’ve gone for, I will enjoy wearing it. That is what it should all be about right? And who doesn’t love stumbling on an outfit you’ve just put together and then falling in love with it.

With what I wrote above, I initially went in for just a leather jacket. Luck was on my side, because even with the outlet sale prices, they were also adding on extra discount, if you bought more items. I had set myself a budget before I walked into the store and I stuck to my guns.

The jacket I managed to get for around £250, if I remember correctly and buying the shirt allowed me to get the tailored wool pants for free basically. Once ran through the till, the extra discount on top of each item as a grouped buy, came to just under my total.

It was great and I was thrilled with my purchases. I’ve worn these pieces so much, since my holiday last year too. The leather jacket is probably my most worn jacket to date.

The detailing against the leather is fantastic, a multitude of zips and pockets. The biker style collar and lapels, that run vertically downwards. And my favourite part, are the zips on the end of the sleeves. I thought that was a pretty neat feature.

If I had to give one con, to the amount of pros I’ve listed. I would say the jacket is not entirely black. It is a colour in-between grey and brown. In darker lighting the jacket is more grey/black, but against the sunlight the jacket has this earthy hue to it, which I have honestly grown to love. Always good to check in the store especially with the artificial lighting that can sometimes warp colours. I will one day get myself a proper black leather biker jacket. But for now, this one does the job beautifully!

Processed with VSCO with n1 preset

Not the best photo and facial reaction with this one! I was happy here, just an unfortunate snap I’m afraid. I think we were also having trouble too, setting the camera up with the lighting. Probably explains my face! Ahaha!

These were taken at our Villa. The painted wall made for a great block colour backdrop to draw focus to my outfit. Defo got some heads turning though, as I was serving this outfit to the locals. Yasss.

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