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I wanted to share some Lush pieces I’ve been using over the past few weeks. I’m a huge Lush fan ever since my best (emphasise on best) friend showed me the wonders of their products. And now I channel them into my daily and weekly routines.

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As most of Lush users know, but for those of you who don’t, their products are all organic and ethnically sourced. They do not test on animals and everything is natural, so perfect for vegetarians and also free from added chemicals. I think all beauty style companies should adapt to this method because Lush has proven itself and is known worldwide.

I opted for some products I’ve used before and some new ones.

Scroll down to see the products I went for.

The bath bombs too, which I’ve forgotten entirely what style each one was, were great. I’ve checked the Lush store online, but haven’t had luck with the names, so next time I’ll keep the packaging! The green one at the top, left me with a very spring coloured bath and I soaked in this gentle green goodness. Click the link below to check out what bombs are available online.



– Honey Trap Lip Balm –

Next up a previous buy before, the Honey Trap lip balm. Bought for £6.75. First tried this in London and its become one of my daily use balms.

Honey scented and sweet it always leaves my lips soft and plump. I’ve used several types of balms as my lips get dry a lot, and Honey Trap seems to last for ages too, so you get your moneys worth.

My best trick to using this product is late at night. Since I’m single (still) and don’t have to worry about who’s waking up to me in the morning, I usually coat my lips with the Honey Trap balm late at night, before I sleep. It is a sight, but waking up my lips are plump and fuller, they feel great! (Call me Kylie)

– Boom! Gunpowder Toothy Tabs

This little bottle was a new buy for me and it cost me £5.95. These little tabs are cool. They are tabs you chew and then follow, by brushing your teeth afterwards. It leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean, whilst also gently whitening your teeth. The ingredients listed give you natural cleaning properties, antiseptic and stain removing finishes.

I use these every day whilst also brushing with a normal fluoride toothpaste. If you’re like me and get anxious about your smile, then these tabs will give you something to smile about. I’ve used them for a few weeks and they are wonderful. A close enough white smile, to that of having them bleached at the dentist. It is obviously the safer choice and a cheaper one too.

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Next up the two large bottles. Which I’ve actually just ran out of today! So that was good timing I guess. Will need to pay a visit to the store again!

We have a previous and new buy here. Can you guess what I’ve previously bought before. If you follow my blog and Instagram account, you’ll see Dirty products popping up a lot. It is my absolute favourite section of the Lush store, even beats bath bombs!

If I could only take one item with me to a deserted island… It would be a bottle of Dirty Body Spray, hands down.

– Dirty Springwash Showergel –

I opted for the largest bottle which is 500ml. It is a little pricey at £16.50,  but it actually is the most cost effective. I bought this months ago. I think it was end of last year and I’ve used it about 80% of the time I’ve showered. I have used other products for the remaining times, but usually this product is my top choice. The menthol and mint really give you this lift afterwards, that you can smell against your skin for the rest of the day. Not only that, but the colour is gorgeous and the aroma is to die for. Because of this I’ve bought most of the Dirty range before and I have nothing but positives for it all.

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– Rehab Shampoo

The new buy for me was the Rehab Shampoo. Again, I went for the larger bottle 500ml and I’ve only just this morning finished it. It cost me £18.95 so much steeper than a normal shop bought shampoo at a grocery store.

I’ve been using special shampoo for my hair the past few months because I coloured my hair and bleached it, so I needed something to maintain the health for that. But every other day I would use this product as it also helps with maintaining your hair and scalp. I think a little bit of rehab is good every now and again.

It left my hair shiny and the ingredients all fused together, allowed my hair to keep in its moisture and natural oil. My hair is really fine, so bleaching and dyeing it would have  caused serious dryness. But thankfully mixing this with my Aveda hair protecting conditioner, gave me a perfect finish each time. I only needed to use a little bit too as it goes far each time I used it. My hair is soft if you were to run your fingers through it, so the finish each time was wonderful. It was a great purchase and I will be rebuying this bottle again next time I’m at Lush.

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– Cosmic Lad Facial Moisturiser

I’ve said it before on my blog, but I suffer from dry and oily skin. I hate it. My skin is usually dry mostly on my face, so finding something to help with that has been a nightmare. On a second note, I cant stand putting on creams and moisturisers on my face and hands, skin in general. It probably goes back to having so much sunscreen put on me as a kid, I felt so slimy. Almost like I had a tub of yogurt doused on me. And the thought of sitting in a chair feeling it on your skin before it started to get absorbed into your skin…awful.

Thankfully getting into beauty blogging and researching types of moisturisers, I can say I’ve changed my mind and am now open to using them. I have a few other wonderful products, that don’t leave that awful residue a large majority of past products have done. One of them is this Cosmic Lad. The tub comes in 45g and costs £14.95.

After I shower in the morning and especially after trimming my beard I put on this before I head to work. By the time I get into work its already been absorbed into my face and I feel and smell amazing. There is no residue, which for me ticks the top box. I work in retail, so artificial lights illuminate grease and oil on faces. This product leaves me with perfect looking skin.

Second are the ingredients used. I have sensitive skin (as if I didn’t have everything else to worry about with my skin) and I’ve had irritations from other brands with added chemicals. Cosmic Lad is gentle and leaves me skin super subtle and soft. You can smell the product on your skin for ages afterwards, a light refreshing scent. Much like the shampoo I was reviewing above and most lush products too, the tub lasts far longer than I anticipated. I’m still using it now each morning after my shower when my pores are open and my skin is better at absorbing the goodness.

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That is the end of the post I’m afraid, but I’ve had fun writing about these products properly. The team in my local Lush stores (Basingstoke being my closest) were amazing and so full of knowledge about these pieces above. Not only that, but they love to chat as much as I do too. Bonus!

I’ve linked each product (except the bombs) in their headings for ease for anyone interested in any of the above products. I will remember the bombs for next time.

It genuinely has been ages since I went to Lush so I hope to get back up to a store soon! I really would like another Dirty Body Spray, I ran out ages ago.

Thanks a lot for checking out this post and reading. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, or over on twitter.



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