Simple Loungewear Outfit – ASOS & Adidas Superstar

I’m giving you, legs all the way up.

I’ve been going through old photos of outfits I put together, ones to upload and came across this file. I actually really liked this look. It was simple and easy.

I remember taking this photo. As I was actually trying to find a decent angle from my room, to take photos like this, showing a full outfit shot. Especially too, as I’m so tall and my room is so tiny. Sometimes trying to get my legs into the frame is difficult.

This is the sort of outfit I personally consider loungewear for when I’m at home. I want something comfortable and breathable mainly. I’ve mentioned on Instagram, I love a pair of trackies, especially the unique retro shiny kind. I have a few different pairs on rotation, because who chills at home in jeans.

– Outfit –

Top – – £16 (Sadly out of stock, I want some extra pairs, similar style are listed below in the link)
Pants – Adidas Superstar – £20-40 (Subject to availability as its eBay, keep checking)

I really do love this look. The cuffed pants were the sort of style I was aiming for when I found and bought this on eBay. I’d been searching for that tailored style in this style of Adidas track pant, but sadly they are a size too small. I’ll go back to my long legs making their debut.


I have a previous pair of the same style of pants. However they are from an older collection and they are baggier and not cuffed at the ankles. I’m actually wearing them now (pictured just above, please excuse the wires everywhere) and they are the cosiest pair to lounge in.

The tailored pair that I’ve featured and I’m wearing above, look great and work well in this shot above. But sitting or bending my legs, they material doesn’t stretch and pulls against my thighs and bum. I’m going with because of how tailored they are for a size M. I wear medium/large sized pants myself, depends really on the cut of the clothing.

It is sad, because I spent months searching until they popped up on eBay. I thought they were like my older pair and just cuffed. So I will be selling these as I cant wear them properly unfortunately.


This style of wet look track pants are my favourite, I think they are a solid feature piece. I have had more plain loungewear pieces in the past and there really isn’t any design, or style to them. I like to take those more different looking pieces that people would either avoid or shy away from and give you ideas on how to wear them. They are a real statement piece and I think they are so unique and it is a shame, that there aren’t many similar styles like this.

The top I’m wearing, is one of my other favourites I own. Thankfully I have the correct size and even putting on a little more weight recently, the top fits well still. It is a size M and oversized so it gives extra. I’m trying to thicken up a little bit and build muscle, so as my arms and chest get bigger, this still fits. It will stay in my wardrobe for years to come.

I was sceptical about wearing this style of sleeveless top, but got over my anxiety of showing my arms and wear it all the time now. Absolutely perfect for summer months. Its lightweight and breathable and the design is nice too with the stripes.

I wish ASOS restocked this exact piece again too, as I would buy a whole box load.

Until I move to Glasgow and get some new friends to shoot some proper looks for me. I will continue to do some short and sweet outfit posts like this.

Thanks a lot for checking out this post and reading. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments, or over on twitter.





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