Quick Iced Coffee Drinks

So I’m slowly coming to the end of my Barista life, where hopefully if all goes well and I get the job I’ve applied for in Glasgow, wont be making Cappuccinos for every hour of the working day. Fingers crossed.

It will be fabulous to start learning newer skills and really throw myself into something newer. I did enjoy it ages ago, but for my own reasons, I cannot wait to leave the barista making life behind and move onto something better.

I’m all about these iced coffee drinks I’ve discovered at shops recently. I found this variety below in Lidl’s and now have gone searching in other supermarkets for other flavours. They are great and most of them under £1. So good.


Such an easy way to enjoy a little pick me up, instead of having to make one myself. I know that sounds lazy, but making a coffee and even a tea now, feels like a task. I spend every minute at work steaming milk and pouring drinks, its become so dull. Even coming back home, the first thing I want is a cup of tea. But the thought about making one, puts me off straight away.

Since I’ve been getting myself back into blogging, these iced coffee drinks really are fantastic to have whilst I type away. I’m doing this new thing, where any free time I have, I am writing. I would love for something to come out of this love for blogging and I’ve already wasted more than enough time not updating these past two years.

I’ve stacked the outside fridge at home with these little drinks! If anyone hasn’t tried them, I would recommend as they don’t break the bank either. Much cheaper than spending £3+ each day at a coffee shop. I think they are perfect for bloggers who write at home.




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