New HP laptop For Blogging

Good afternoon, I hope everyone is doing well.

Last Tuesday I was in a dilemma and I wanted to use my day off from work, to blog. I’ve been using a Google Chromebook for a past few years and it was good, but not great. The volume of posts I planned to upload was too much for my little Chromebook and sadly I was unable blog the to level I wanted too.

So I decided to take some of my savings for my move to Glasgow and buy myself a laptop. One better suited from organising files, archiving photos and mainly for me, blogging.

If I’m honest, I’ve lost myself quite a lot back home, especially after having my own freedom and life before in the city. I’ve become aloof and because of things in my life that have been going on (stuff which I’m wondering whether to share on my blog,) my blog has suffered at its expense.

Now however, I’ve got this laptop and I’m able to write and post again my next goal is finding a new path for myself to eventually get myself back to London in the long run. One with a good job and also being able to support myself on my own too.

But I have a plan and will write about it when I write up my Glasgow trip post. Cant wait to share what it is, because it seems like a great move for me. But we’ll get to that in a future post.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a small post about the new laptop I ordered and am currently writing on. It feels so amazing to be able to write again and I cant wait to share the archived posts with what’s been going on.


I ordered my laptop from Currys/PC World. I managed to get it for £379 from £549.99 as part of their Easter promotions. It is a HP model and the exact link I used was this one here:


I saved a few pounds, which my Glasgow savings are happy about, so that is a plus.

But at a quick glance too, the specs seemed decent enough for what I was after tech wise. I want a system I could easily store files and photos and something that would be easier for me to blog with.


The coolest feature is the colour of it. I’ve always had a plain coloured one, greys and black in the past, so it was nice to have a more unique one. Hopefully I can find myself a flat in Glasgow in which my gold laptop fits in aesthetically.

I also like the minimalistic design of the laptop too. I thought it was quite smart looking and perfect for a blogger.


Once I booted it up and booted myself up, I was outside having a cigarette and enjoying the sun. Only whilst it installed itself and downloaded any updates a new computer has. It didn’t take long too which was great, as I was eager to download my blog photos from my phone onto the laptop.


After the updating, I was waiting for it to charge. Whilst that was happening I downloaded and transferred images from my phone to my Dropbox and then onto my WordPress account. That took some time, because my internet upload speed isn’t the strongest, but the laptops processor (which is a good one) managed to upload a good chunk of files easily in one go. No crashing, which was what was happening with my Chromebook.

Thought I would use my Chromebook to watch Gilmore Girls, whilst that was sorting itself out. It was quite a chilled afternoon.

I’m happy that I spent a little money on something to help me get back into blogging fulltime. One day I might be able to blog full time from home and talk about lots of topics to an audience that understands and supports my voice. One goal for me is to be a voice for others like me, who’ve grown up from small villages and places, where its not entirely acceptable to be gay and thus you’ve been made to feel small, lost and unaccepting of yourself. If I can at least help one person that would be amazing <3

Anyways onto the next post. So see you there!


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