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Good morning! I headed to bed so early for once last night and woke up early this morning too. (With enough time to blog and watch Greys Anatomy before work.)

So a couple weekends ago, my dad and myself went into Majestic Wine Warehouse for the first time. Usually we go to a supermarket because its convenient, but decided to try someplace different to buy our wine.

So you can obviously buy however many bottles you would like. But they have a deal where you can choose 6 bottles for a rounded cheaper price, than buying the 6 bottles individually. And you can mix and match too.

The company also sells other alcohol too, spirits and such. So a large collection of choice and the team are knowable about the varieties their house holds.

I took some pictures of my trip.







2 thoughts on “[Lifestyle News] – Majestic Wine Warehouse

  1. Hi Tom! Good to see you posting again! How are you? Ohhh! I hadn’t realised they sold the local gins. Since visiting The Chesil Rectory in Winchester a few weeks ago where they pride themselves on making awesome gin cocktails I’ve been looking for where to buy gins like I can see in your photos. Must get myself down there. Thank you!

    1. Hello hello Karen!! Its so nice to hear from you, I’m doing well! I’m back at the country market near Kingsley, at Good Taste coffee shop. You both should pop on in, be great to see you!!

      I cant believe it has taken me so long to get into a Majestic Wine Warehouse (And posting again too!). Such a great choice there and overall cheaper than buying from a supermarket!! The Alton branch is just behind Costa coffee, next to the little stream.

      More posts will be up very soon, and I hope my reply gets back to you ok, I never know whether my replies actually send back to the person I’m writing too!! Take care for now!

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