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Hey lovelies, I just wanted to share a little recipe for a breakfast option.

Firstly, coffee!! Because I had just got out of bed at that moment.


Once you have caffeinated yourself and you’re ready to make yourself some breakfast, grab yourself a medium sized bowl, a fork and a sharp knife.

  Smashed avocado on toast, with lemon juice and chilli oil drizzle   –

Really easy and most of the ingredients are in the name above:

  • Artisan bread (usually the nicest and healthiest option)
  • Avocados (one is usually fine depending on size)
  • Lemon (x1)
  • Chilli flakes
  • Oil (depends of preference, olive/sunflower or chilli infused)
  • Salt & Pepper (optional)


I always start by smashing the avocado into a medium sized bowl. Peel it and then using a fork to crush it into a chunky paste. I cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice out of both halves, into the bowl. Add a nice helping of chilli flakes, (depending on the heat preference, as they will react with the lemon). The salt and pepper can be added to further flavour, but as I’ve written above, it is optional.

Now you’ve got the avocado and seasoning in the bowl. Mix it all up and let all the flavours run into one another. Toast your bread and once done, add the avocado paste on top. You don’t really need to spread it neatly, you can just haul it on and spread over with a fork. I personally like to make sure the paste has some whole bits of avocado still in it. Helps give me that rustic overall look, which you can see in the image above.

Lastly, once it is all placed on a plate looking glorious and picture perfect, drizzle a little oil on top to finish. Now you can enjoy it! (Obviously after you’ve taken a photo for your Instagram account.

I don’t usually eat cereal anymore, as I don’t think I’m really getting a nutritious start to the day. So this is one of my preferred breakfast options, to give me a little morning boost until lunch. There are various other styles of avocado on toast you can try. Adding pine nuts, flax seeds, or crispy streaky bacon (this one I can give the thumbs up on).


How do you like your avocado on toast?



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