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Hello hello to everyone. I hope you’ll doing good and have been well since my last post, which was back last year. It’s been some time since I have written on my blog, so hopefully going to be able to get back onto it more frequently.

I wont lie, I’ve been finding it difficult to maintain my blog with my various jobs and personal life. I’m angry at myself for not being more in control, but I’ve decided to put my blog before anything else now. I had one of those light bulb moments and really finally have a goal I’m working towards. A little tunnel vision will help me achieve this.

So here is the goal:

The overall finish line is to be living in London, whether I’m manager of a high end, high street fashion store, or writing for a fashion lifestyle magazine. Or even better, blogging full time and sponsoring brands that I love, with fashion and beauty posts.

For the mean time, I need to be realistic and sensible. I’m currently living back home with my parents and saving for my move out still. My plan for now is to head up north of UK to get my independence back. I visited over a month ago and fell in love with the city of Glasgow, in Scotland.

Breaking down the plan:

Glasgow gives me my independence back, I am able to continue writing and blogging and submitting to some magazines based in London and such. I’ve looked into one which a friend showed me, it looks like it could be an amazing opportunity if I’m able to write for them. Who knows where this could lead.

While I’m up there I will work in retail because I’m good at it and most of my experience is from that type of industry. This gets my bills paid mainly and I can continue to save the rest.

I’m able to afford my own flat also. Its so much cheaper than London and what I was paying in London, I can get a two bedroom flat in Scotland. So a little studio apartment for myself would be possible and amazing. It will be amazing being able to have my own space. Living at home has its restrictions and not living with people in a shared flat would be appreciated, after the ordeal my shared flat in London put me through. (This could be a future post, it might help anyone like me in the similar situation.)

So working up there for a few years would allow me to further my management experience, thus giving me more income. I would also be able to transfer straight into a London store when the time is right, so this seems like a manageable and good goal. Not to mention a brand I’m able to work for clothing wise, would allow me to showcase any purchases on my blog with fashion posts.

As for personal life and relationships, I’m good at meeting new people and making friends, so that fragment doesn’t scare me at all. But I’ve struggled a lot with the relationship side of my personal life. I seem to be having bad luck with the guys I’m meeting and its tough on me. I like to be a chilled person and live like that because life is short. I know that now at a young age too. But I’m a really sensitive individual and whether it is something or someone, that I put all of myself into the situation, I end up getting hurt constantly, pushed away or drugged in one case. (But that is another story.)

So my plan is to work for a couple years, have my own space where I can relax and live. I’d have space for doing yoga, lifting my weights, decorating and also…dancing naked to the radio if I ever wanted too!! Ahaha!

I think this is the best option for myself, as I’d be in control again of aspects of my life and I can continue to grow as a person and experience new things. I’d be able to set up a wall to which I would be able to shoot some outfit posts against if I’m unable to go out with new friends or if the weather is on the rainy side.

So this is just a little update of my current situation and I hope to be better at managing my blog and sharing my life with you readers out there.

I’ve started uploading some looks onto my LookBook account too so keep posted on that.

–   http://lookbook.nu/_thomasbcooper   –


I have got a huge haul of future posts which I will be uploading soon. I’ve got my holiday from last year where I shot some outfit choices in Greece. I dyed my hair grey over December and January, I learnt to ride a motorbike/scooter and everything in between.

So thank you for being patient with me and keep posted for whats to come.



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