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Hello readers, it has been SOME time hasn’t it! I’ve been battling some dodgy wifi connection here at home recently and even on my holiday too. So a little backed up with blog posts. (Missing the high speed city internet so badly)

I’ve partnered up with the team at Exante for this post on their range of diet foods.

I am excited to share my review for Exante Diet, who specialise in specific meals to help with your health. Healthy eating, cutting down those nasty sugars, weight management and meals, rich in proteins and vitamins/minerals.

The products include, diet soups, bars, shakes and full meals. And for those specific dietary requirements, you are able to select the best option for yourself.

–   E x a n t e   D i e t   –

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Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

Pictured: Chocolate Orange & Toffee, Nut and Raisin bars and Tuscan Chicken Soup

How many of you have tried to stick to a diet plan and failed? Two weeks in and you get bored of the food and go back to old habits? Does that sounds familiar? Well Exante Diet sets itself aside from other diet brands, so you’ll be sure to find a diet plan to keep you happy, healthy and more importantly interested.

There are meal plans for weekly periods if you are after something quick. But also, long term specific weight loss plans you can follow and document with ease. Exante can give you a diet plan which will help control you weight loss, this in turn will allow you to ditch those sinful crisps. (Yes Tyrells crisps too!!)

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Pictured: Protein Chips

They really make it easy for you, all you have to do is choose what suits your lifestyle and it is all sent very quickly through their courier service. The range is immense, so you wont be struggling with eating the same meals every day. In fact you’ll find it hard to probably eat the same meal twice in two weeks.

My plan was/is to bulk, and I wrote about getting into a more toned shape back in January for the summer [LINK]. For me personally, I know it’ll give me more confidence. Since my body type is tall and lanky. I’ve always felt though my eyes I was too slim and that has given me body issues for a number of years. Especially since I do eat a great deal of food. I’ve always felt like the baby of the group because well, I am. I was the last to hit puberty, so bulking up and feeling good inside and out, will get me thinking I’m not that small, lanky kid who was miserable at school any more. Thankfully I’m off to a good start and I can see some changes with muscle mass on my body. I know working with Exante will continue to show progression on  my body and get me to my goal.

Photo 23-05-2016, 10 41 54.jpg

Pictured: Protein Pancakes. Just add fresh fruit and you are on your way for a healthy breakfast.

Like I’ve stated previously, I was after some bulking meals/snacks for when my time is busy. Ideally for work is where I spend most of my week, but also before and after a shift too. I spoke to the team who asked what I was after, I replied “PROTEIN!” and that I wanted to bulk up. They picked out everything protein related for me so I had it available for every snack/meal time. This was so helpful for those times I wasn’t able to prepare myself a protein infused meal for work.

I’m currently in an independent coffee shop nowadays saving to move back to the city. Showcasing my Barista/Maestro skills to the public once again. After my experience in London making coffees at a machine rate I know i’m good at what I do and as their strongest coffee maker, I’m usually flat out and in need of a meal that gives me a good daily boost, to keep my going throughout the day. There is only so much coffee you can drink to fuel yourself right, I needed something more!

So, I was sent a parcel with some bulking meals, rich with protein to help me with my higher protein intake and to fuel me for longer. I was also sent a variety of snacks too, for a quick something to consume whilst we have a busy shift on.

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