[Artist To Watch] – Bronze Banana Lamps

Neo-gothic style is only the workings of Studio Job, a Berlin based company. One of their current projects is the Bronze Banana Lamp, which features seven individual sculpted lamps in the shape of bananas!

Everybody love bananas, I’m bananas for bananas.


–   B r o n z e   B a n a n a   L a m p s   –

Quite different, but something extraordinarily fun. The lamps are cast in bronze and hand blown glass fruit is worked into the bases. The lamps light up using LED lighting and are able to free stand on a flat surface.







I quite like the differences in these set of lamps. Not your usual IKEA lamp that is for sure! Although I love their round paper lamps, our house is full of them.

Check out more of the works by Studio Job in the link.

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